10 Cute Kitchen Products You Need If You Love Breakfast

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But health benefits aside, it’s easy to love breakfast meals simply because waking up to the smell of delicious food is a great way to start the day.

If you’re one who loves eating and preparing breakfast every day, here are 10 products you need in your kitchen to level up your breakfast experience.

10. 3-in-1 Pan

3in1 pan

Photo from Lazada

Love variety when it comes to meals but not a fan of the cleanup after? This 3-in-1 pan is the solution. With this pan with three dividers, you can cook rice or bread, pancakes, and eggs all at the same time. Less time wasted and fewer dishes to clean. Buy this 3-in-1 frying pan here!

9. Waffle Maker

waffle maker

Photo from Lazada

Start the day with a huge stack of waffles just the way you like it with this portable electric waffle maker. Just whip up your batter, pour some into this waffle maker, and you’ve got fresh and hot waffles in no time. Because it’s so portable, it’s also easy to store in your kitchen! Buy this waffle maker here!

8. Pancake Batter Dispenser

pancake dispenser

Photo from Lazada

Making pancakes will be easier and a lot less messy with this easy-to-use pancake batter dispenser. No more weird batter drips all over your kitchen counter or stove thanks to this nifty gadget. Plus, you can essentially create near-perfect pancakes every time! Buy this pancake batter dispenser here!

7. Espresso Machine

espress machine

Photo from Lazada

A hearty breakfast isn’t complete with a strong cup of coffee. With this espresso machine, you can make your coffee just the way you like it. You can even save loads of money by making your own cafe-style drinks at home. Buy this espresso machine here!

6. Boiled Egg Timer

egg timer

Photo from Lazada

Want perfectly cooked eggs every time? You should have this boiled egg timer in your kitchen. Just add this timer into the pot while you cook your eggs and it will change color according to how you want them cooked—soft boiled, hard-boiled, or just in between. Buy this boiled egg timer here!

5. Crepe Maker

crepe maker

Photo from Lazada

If you want to indulge yourself in sweet or savory crepes every morning, treat yourself to this crepe maker. The sky is practically the limit when it comes to your crepe fillings and toppings. It will also make breakfast a lot more fun. Buy this crepe maker here!

4. Cereal Bowl with Separator

cereal bowl

Photo from Lazada

Hate soggy cereal when you want to take your time in the morning? This cereal bowl is the perfect companion for your breakfast. This bowl has a separator that will keep your cereal and milk in different compartments so that you can have crunchy cereal with every spoonful. No more soggy cereal ever! Buy this cereal bowl with a separator here!

3. Bread-Inspired Plate

bread plate

Photo from Lazada

What better way to eat your delicious meal than on a pretty plate? This bread-inspired plate will instantly make your breakfast Instagrammable. We love that the cute bread design also matches the breakfast theme! Buy this bread-inspired plate here!

2. Aesthetic Coffee Mug

coffee mug

Photo from Lazada

This aesthetic coffee mug is the perfect partner to your cute bread plate. With a capacity of 400mL, you’re sure to have more than enough of the coffee you need for the day. Plus, the cute “Good Morning” quote printed on it is a great way to start the day. Buy this aesthetic coffee mug here!

1. Breakfast Maker

breakfast maker

Photo from Lazada

Love breakfast but don’t have enough time in the mornings? This 3-in-1 breakfast maker is a must in your kitchen. This machine lets you toast bread, fry some eggs or bacon, and make coffee all at the same time. Buy this 3-in-1 breakfast maker here!

For more kitchen items that will make every meal an enjoyable foodie experience, check out Lazada!

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