10 Anime to Watch to Change Your Perception on These ‘Cartoons’

“You’re too old for that,” a friend commented when I told her that I am still into anime. Sadly, there is nothing new about this remark.  Sometimes, people think that anime and cartoons are the same thing and worst of all, that they revolve around dumb things. Oops! That is an over-generalization. If you think anime is corny or ‘just for kids’, here’s a starter pack for you to see that it’s not.

10 Anime to Watch to Change Your Perception on These ‘Cartoons’

10. Yamato Nadeshiko Sichi Henge (The Wallflower)

10 anime to watch_yamatonadeshiko10 anime to watch_yamatonadeshikoLet’s begin with something simple and laid-back. Yamato Nadeshiko is one of the best Shoujo (anime for girls) out there. The story is about four pretty boys who try to turn a weird girl into a beautiful woman in exchange of free lodging. It is uncomplicated, romantic, and silly – suitable for those who are in need of a good laugh.

9. Kuroko No Basket

10 anime to watch_ kuroko no basket

I am not a basketball fan, but when I saw Kuroko No Basket on channel Hero, I got hooked. It has 3 seasons and I finished everything in 4 nights. Kuroko no Basket is about the Generation of Miracles, a team of basketball prodigies who were once in one team, but chose to go their separate ways because of their differences. What I love about this series is how it presents different teams to root for in each game and how they craft their strategies to win.

8. Code Geass

10 anime to watch_ code geass

Code Geass is one of the smartest anime out there as it involves a battle of wits. It is a story about oppression, morality, murder, politics, war and deception. The plot is fast-paced and often surprising. I find it difficult to describe without spoiling it, so it would be better if you just watch it.

7. Detective Conan

10 anime to watch_ detective conan

If you are a sucker for mysteries and psychological thrillers, then you need to watch Detective Conan. It is a story about Kudou Shinichi, a brilliant detective in a 6-year old body, but who is actually 16 years old. He was reduced to a grade school child when a mysterious assassin gave him an experimental poison. He is a detective prodigy; but because he is only 6, it is difficult to convince people to listen to him.

6. Attack on Titan

10 anime to watch _ attack on titans

At first glance, Attack on Titan looks just like another gore anime, but it is actually very interesting. 100 years prior to the start of the anime, humanoids known as Titans devoured humans. Now, the remaining small population of mankind lives within 3 walls that are so tall and sturdy that even the titans can’t break in. However, a bigger titan breaks the wall, allowing the other Titans to enter. The humans try to eliminate the Titans as they fight for their lives. It is a brutal anime, but also captivating as it explores the ideas of extinction, humanoids and survival.

5. “FullMetal Alchemist” and “FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”

10 anime to watch_fullmetal alchemist

Please do not get confused. “Full Metal Alchemist” and “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” have different stories. FMAB is a spin-off or a sequel, but they can stand alone and it doesn’t matter which one you watch first. It is a story about 2 brothers named Edward and Alphonse, who are looking for the Philosopher’s Stone in hope to restore their bodies back to their original form.

4. One Punch Man

10 anime to watch_ one punch man

One Punch Man is not your ordinary superhero. Unlike usual Shounen (action) anime, Saitama (the hero) doesn’t progress as the series goes on. OPM is about Saitama, a hero that can end all of his fights with just one punch, and that frustrates him a lot. Since he is the strongest, Saitama is bored and dying to look for a worthy enemy.

3. One Piece

10 anime to watch_ one piece

One Piece is a story about Luffy and his crew in search of the titular treasure. It is a long series and is still ongoing. It is difficult to describe why this anime is so amazing. Maybe it is because the worlds it projects is so colorful and well-crafted that makes it believable. Perhaps it’s the fact that no character is left behind and everyone has their time to tell their own stories. It can be silly at times, but this anime also has emotional tones that add up to its charm.

2. Death Note

10 anime to watch_ death note

Death note is a witty anime about an eccentric investigator named L and a self-righteous executioner named Yagami Light. It is not your typical action-thriller anime as the story is well thought out. I personally enjoyed the manga, anime and even the live-action movie, but I’d recommend watching the anime first.

1. Hunter X Hunter

10 anime to watch_ hunter x hunter

Hunter x Hunter is considered to be one of the “best anime of all times”. Maybe you’re thinking this is an anime for kids because the protagonists are young, but it’s not. If you love fight scenes and brain games, Hunter X Hunter will easily be your cup of tea. It is well-written with superb character development, and also tackles mature content as the arc progress.

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