10 Aesthetic Desk Clocks for Your Home Office

If you’re looking for something new to add to your workstation (because why not), why not get something that’s both nice to look at and functional like a desk clock? Sure, you may have a clock with you anywhere you go thanks to your smartphone or your computer, but a physical clock that’s in your line of sight would be extra helpful in keeping track of your time.

Here are some aesthetic desk clocks from Shopee that would look awesome in your home office:


Photo from Shopee

10. This round wooden clock would be perfect on your wooden-themed workstation. It features a braided design on its edges, and the minute and hour hands both look like real twigs! This is a great option if you love anything that’s inspired by nature.

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clock vase

Photo from Shopee

9. This minimalist clock is also a pen holder (or a vase!). This is a great clock for home offices that have limited desk space. Not only will you have a physical clock in your area, but you’ll also have storage for your pens or accessories. It’s a great multifunctional item!

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Photo from Shopee

8. This white retro-style clock adds extra elegance and character to any space you put it in. We just love the glossy pearl look paired with the golden accents. This clock is a must-have if you’ve got an all-white setup. But, they also have a pastel pink version for your pink office!

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Photo from Shopee

7. If you’d like to have a cute companion on your desk, this emoji LED clock will be a friend. When it’s not displaying the current time and temperature, the display changes into expressive faces. It’s like a cute robot on your desk. This cute clock also comes in white and pink.

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3d LED

Photo from Shopee

6. This 3D LED digital clock is pretty straightforward but that’s what makes it perfect for any space. Because it has quite a bright glow, it’s easy to see the time even at night in a dark room. Some people even use it as a multi-purpose night light in the bedroom.

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Photo from Shopee

5. Looking for a desk clock that’s more than just a clock? This smart digital “photo frame” does more than just tell the time on its screen. It can also display your choice of pixel art, music visualizer, and even the weather! This is a great all-in-one gadget to add to your workstation.

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woodblock clock

Photo from Shopee

4. This minimalist wooden clock looks like a block of wood. It’s simple yet extra stylish and it’s a huge favorite of many #TeamKahoy members. This is a great option if you want something subtle yet aesthetically pleasing.

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tall nordicstyle

Photo from Shopee

3. This Nordic-style desk clock is a beautiful mix of modern and retro vibes thanks to the round clock and the tall sleek pole holding it up. If you’re one who loves unique pieces for your space, this desk clock is worth considering.

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block clock

Photo from Shopee

2. Here’s another unique clock that would instantly take the spotlight—a modern block-inspired clock. It’s beautifully designed with its engraved numbers and fat curved clock hands. We love how it’s so subtle yet attention-grabbing with its minimalism.

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glowing tubeclock

Photo from Shopee

1. Going for steampunk and an edgier vibe for your home office? This glowing tube-style clock is a must-have. It features six acrylic cubes that glow with the numbers inside of them, making it look like the time displayed is actually floating. It can also glow in a variety of colors to match your space.

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What’s your choice of a desk clock? Share it with us!

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