Boracay Nightlife: 15 Shots at Cocomangas Shooters Bar

By on April 3, 2011

Boracay Nightlife: 15 Shots at Cocomangas Shooters Bar




When In Boracay, you NEED to take on the 15 shots and still standing challenge of Cocomangas Bar! If not for yourself, then do it for your country!


Boracay-Island-Party-Nightlife-Night-Life-15-Shots-Cocomangas-Fifteen-WhenInManila-Manila-Bora-Illusion-Shaker-Shooters-Bar-11 Boracay-Island-Party-Nightlife-Night-Life-15-Shots-Cocomangas-Fifteen-WhenInManila-Manila-Bora-Illusion-Shaker-Shooters-Bar-12

Top-10-Things-to-do-in-Boracay-Philippines-WhenInManila 227


To truly say that you’ve been to Boracay means only one thing… you need to conquer the 15 Shots at Cocomangas! Then…. and ONLY THEN, can you fully claim your presence at this party island.


Boracay-Island-Party-Nightlife-Night-Life-15-Shots-Cocomangas-Fifteen-WhenInManila-Manila-Bora-Illusion-Shaker-Shooters-Bar-9 Boracay-Island-Party-Nightlife-Night-Life-15-Shots-Cocomangas-Fifteen-WhenInManila-Manila-Bora-Illusion-Shaker-Shooters-Bar-10


Legend has it that the great leaders of the world, Obama, Gandhi, Iron Man, Moses and even the LEGEN… wait for it…. DARY Barney Stinson himself, have all gone through this rite of passage. One that is obligatory, especially for first time Boracay Island party goers.


Boracay-Island-Party-Nightlife-Night-Life-15-Shots-Cocomangas-Fifteen-WhenInManila-Manila-Bora-Illusion-Shaker-Shooters-Bar-14 Boracay-Island-Party-Nightlife-Night-Life-15-Shots-Cocomangas-Fifteen-WhenInManila-Manila-Bora-Illusion-Shaker-Shooters-Bar-32

Boracay-Island-Party-Nightlife-Night-Life-15-Shots-Cocomangas-Fifteen-WhenInManila-Manila-Bora-Illusion-Shaker-Shooters-Bar-36 Boracay-Island-Party-Nightlife-Night-Life-15-Shots-Cocomangas-Fifteen-WhenInManila-Manila-Bora-Illusion-Shaker-Shooters-Bar-37

Boracay-Island-Party-Nightlife-Night-Life-15-Shots-Cocomangas-Fifteen-WhenInManila-Manila-Bora-Illusion-Shaker-Shooters-Bar-2 Boracay-Island-Party-Nightlife-Night-Life-15-Shots-Cocomangas-Fifteen-WhenInManila-Manila-Bora-Illusion-Shaker-Shooters-Bar-25


It’s really quite simple. head over to the widely popular local watering hole known as the Cocomangas Shooters Bar. There, you’re really only one of two people, those who are legends, and those who will become legends.






Just be sure to have some DD (Designated Driver) type friends who are sober enough to walk you home after the said 15 shots. These friends, who are fortunate enough to witness the birth of a legend, can feast on the local favorite known as the Illusion Shaker.


Boracay-Island-Party-Nightlife-Night-Life-15-Shots-Cocomangas-Fifteen-WhenInManila-Manila-Bora-Illusion-Shaker-Shooters-Bar-18 Boracay-Island-Party-Nightlife-Night-Life-15-Shots-Cocomangas-Fifteen-WhenInManila-Manila-Bora-Illusion-Shaker-Shooters-Bar-1


The Illusion Shaker is a blue cocktail of even more legendary proportions. I would gladly tell you what’s in it, but unfortunately was too drunk from my 15 shots to be capable of telling the difference between water and tequila. So I’ll just continue my story.


Boracay-Island-Party-Nightlife-Night-Life-15-Shots-Cocomangas-Fifteen-WhenInManila-Manila-Bora-Illusion-Shaker-Shooters-Bar-48 Top-10-Things-to-do-in-Boracay-Philippines-WhenInManila 254

Top-10-Things-to-do-in-Boracay-Philippines-WhenInManila 250 Top-10-Things-to-do-in-Boracay-Philippines-WhenInManila 251


Other than getting a legendary “15 Shots and Still Standing” t-shirt (or jersey) that states your claim of Boracay and the conquering of the 15 shots feat, you will also get your name placed on a gold plaque that will be displayed on the walls of Cocomangas Bar. Furthermore, a point is added to the tally for your country’s count. Adding patriotism to the said legendary act.


Top-10-Things-to-do-in-Boracay-Philippines-WhenInManila 223 Top-10-Things-to-do-in-Boracay-Philippines-WhenInManila 221

Top-10-Things-to-do-in-Boracay-Philippines-WhenInManila 222


Anyway, here’s the list of the 15 shooters you’ll be taking at Cocomangas Shooters Bar in Boracay Island Philippines:



Boracay-Island-Party-Nightlife-Night-Life-15-Shots-Cocomangas-Fifteen-WhenInManila-Manila-Bora-Illusion-Shaker-Shooters-Bar-24 Boracay-Island-Party-Nightlife-Night-Life-15-Shots-Cocomangas-Fifteen-WhenInManila-Manila-Bora-Illusion-Shaker-Shooters-Bar-18



1. Canadian Prarie Fire – Tequilla, Tobasco Sauce

2. Mexican Flag – Grenadine, Crème de Menthe, Tequila

3. Boracay B-52 – Kahlua, Grand Marnier, Bailey’s

4. Moondogs’s B-53 – Kahlua, Sambuca, Grand Marnier

5. Screaming Green Lizard – Kahlua, Green Crème de Menthe, Bailey’s

6. Test Tube Baby – Vodka, Amaretto, a drop of cream

7. Screaming Orgasm – Kahlua, Amaretto, Bailey’s

8. Renzo’s Revenge – Vodka, Triple Sec, Lime




9. Cocomangas – Gin, Jim Bean, Bourbon

10. Scotch McMillan – Kahlua, Tequila, Bailey’s

11. Chico’s Surprise – Galiano, White Crème de Cacao, Bailey’s

12. Java’s Jersey – Tequila, Green Crème de Menthe

13. Kaya’s Star Queen – Jim Bean Bourbon, White Castle Whiskey

14. SS Bangkero – Vodka, Malibu, Bailey’s

15. Have A Go – Gold Tequila, Salt, Lime or Calamansi


Boracay-Island-Party-Nightlife-Night-Life-15-Shots-Cocomangas-Fifteen-WhenInManila-Manila-Bora-Illusion-Shaker-Shooters-Bar-21 Boracay-Island-Party-Nightlife-Night-Life-15-Shots-Cocomangas-Fifteen-WhenInManila-Manila-Bora-Illusion-Shaker-Shooters-Bar-19

Boracay-Island-Party-Nightlife-Night-Life-15-Shots-Cocomangas-Fifteen-WhenInManila-Manila-Bora-Illusion-Shaker-Shooters-Bar-22 Boracay-Island-Party-Nightlife-Night-Life-15-Shots-Cocomangas-Fifteen-WhenInManila-Manila-Bora-Illusion-Shaker-Shooters-Bar-24


From the manly faces I made, as seen above, you can CLEARLY tell that I am a professional at this…. 

Anyway, then on the pictures below, you can just as clearly see that I am GONE after the 15 shots at Cocomangas. Stories say that I started talking to random girls and even grabbed their boobies…. I really don’t remember doing this but my friends swear on it.


Boracay-Island-Party-Nightlife-Night-Life-15-Shots-Cocomangas-Fifteen-WhenInManila-Manila-Bora-Illusion-Shaker-Shooters-Bar-27 Boracay-Island-Party-Nightlife-Night-Life-15-Shots-Cocomangas-Fifteen-WhenInManila-Manila-Bora-Illusion-Shaker-Shooters-Bar-31



Next thing I remember, I wake up on the beach with sand all over my face and no sign of my friends anywhere. Thanks buddies! (by buddies… I mean a-holes…) 

But all’s well. I found my way back to my hotel with a throbbing headache. I take a quick nap and it’s back out for another cool adventure on the party island of Boracay! 


Top-10-Things-to-do-in-Boracay-Philippines-WhenInManila 244 Top-10-Things-to-do-in-Boracay-Philippines-WhenInManila 249

Boracay-Island-Party-Nightlife-Night-Life-15-Shots-Cocomangas-Fifteen-WhenInManila-Manila-Bora-Illusion-Shaker-Shooters-Bar-30 Boracay-Island-Party-Nightlife-Night-Life-15-Shots-Cocomangas-Fifteen-WhenInManila-Manila-Bora-Illusion-Shaker-Shooters-Bar-57


When In Manila, be sure to fly over to the ULTIMATE party island only known as Boracay! 

When In Boracay, be sure to take the 15 Shots and Still Standing Challenge at Cocomangas Shooters Bar! Stop being a little girl and become a LEGEND!!


Cocomangas Shooters Bar Boracay Philippines:


– (+632) 631-1023

– The legendary Cocomangas 15 Shots cost P1000 and comes with a free “Still Standing After 15…” T-shirt or pay P1175 and get a “Still Standing After 15…” jersey.


Top-10-Things-to-do-in-Boracay-Philippines-WhenInManila 253


Still Standing After 15…. well…. barely…  


Boracay Nightlife: 15 Shots at Cocomangas Shooters Bar


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