Zombie Apocalypse Takes Over Manila with Dead of Winter: The Long Night

On August 5, 2016, those who entered Dyce n Dyne in Pasig were in for a long night — literally.

Dyce N Dyne

Dyce N Dyne

The game board cafe was blocked off from 7pm to 5am for a special advanced launch of a new expansion pack of the zombie apocalypse game Dead of Winter. It isn’t set to be released for weeks but DyceNDyne gave us an exclusive sneak peek!

The expansion pack, Dead of Winter: The Long Night, included new modules and crossover cards as well as introduced a new type of survivor wound — the wound of despair.

     Dyce N Dyne

The place was decorated just for the night. Red danger tape covered the doors and staircase.

Dyce N Dyne

Even their drinks were themed: players got to drink red blood (red iced tea) in glass beakers.

Dynce N Dyne Dyce N Dyne

The game coaches dressed up as characters from Dead of Winter too.

Dyce N Dyne

The staff was in on it too — some pretty neat makeup turned our servers into zombies. In the middle of the night the lights turned off out of nowhere and they lined up on the staircase to dance to— none other than— Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Each registrant had the opportunity to take home one copy, weeks before the official release of the board game. Get your copy of one of the most awaited board games of the year when it’s released!

Dyce N Dyne

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