ZipMatch : Because Real Estate Is More Than Just Finding a Home

 ZipMatch : Because Real Estate Is More Than Just Finding a Home

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Master investor Warren Buffett once said: “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

This same principle is very useful in real estate. A homebuyer may have gotten a good deal snapping up a condo or a house in the outskirts of Metro Manila, but whether or not he got great value from his purchase is another thing. Most of the time, Filipino homebuyers are just too happy to pay for a home, without much thought on whether that home is worth every centavo he paid.

As buying a home is the single most important purchase you can make, it is therefore fitting to say that in real estate, getting the best house your money can afford is a smart decision, because in the long run, you’re getting more than what you paid for.

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This is especially true in the Philippines. Most Filipinos, after buying a house, plan to live in it for a long time. This makes choosing the right location all the more important. While a handsomely discounted condo in a middle of nowhere may look attractive, it may not have much value to you or to any buyer.

And if you can find a website to help you achieve just that, it would be great. But the good news is, there is one such website.

ZipMatch is the only website that will help you find and buy the right property with great ease. With the goal of streamlining the tedious process of acquiring real estate in the Philippines, you are assured of fast, convenient, and efficient service.

“[ ZipMatch ] provides a sophisticated matching system to help licensed real estate brokers connect directly with homebuyers and sellers, or with other brokers they’d like to do business with. This works quite differently from traditional classified ads, as our matching is based on a potential homebuyer’s specific preferences and requirements,” says John Dang, ZipMatch ’s president and CEO.

“This efficient process sets us apart from other real estate listing websites as we can ensure that the homebuyer is connected only to the right properties that fall within his or her requirements,” adds ZipMatch ’s Head of Sales Chow Paredes.

The most useful feature of ZipMatch is ZipMaps: a smart map tool that lists and displays every available property in Metro Manila, whether for rent, for sale, preselling, or properties buyers can readily move into. Aside from properties, ZipMaps also pins into the map all places that every homebuyer considers before buying a property: schools, hospitals, shopping malls, transport options, banks, and even churches and public parks.

But perhaps being a Filipino-owned real estate website, ZipMatch understands the most pressing concern that every Filipino homebuyer has in mind: which areas are not flood prone. With this in mind, ZipMatch as one of its features introduces a Flood Map of Metro Manila and surrounding provinces. You can now check whether the property you’re keeping an eye on is located in a flood-prone area, giving you the power to make an informed decision to buy a property in a place that will keep your family safe and dry. Indeed, buying a home located in a flood-free area is one of the best investment decisions you can make, because that means your family’s safety is assured. is the first comprehensive online community of sellers, developers, brokers, and buyers in the Philippines. ZipMatch offers everything to make your home purchase easy, from finding the right property and broker to tips on how to make money from real estate investment. For more information, visit



ZipMatch : Because Real Estate Is More Than Just Finding a Home