Zedd Moment Of Clarity Live In Manila: One Heck Of A Fun Night!

Zedd Moment Of Clarity Live In Manila: One Heck Of A Fun Night!

When In Manila, I’m pretty sure you were one of those who wanted to watch the Zedd Moment Of Clarity Live In Manila or actually did watch Zedd just last Thursday, Dec. 14! It was one heck of a fun night! Let’s get down to business on what happened that night.

Upon arriving at the SMX Convention Center for the Zedd Moment Of Clarity Live In Manila, there were already heaps of people lined up and waiting to be able to go in. Awesome how so many people were excited and ready to party that night! Of course, I was one of them too!


Zedd Moment Of Clarity Live In Manila

Moving on to the concert itself, the stage setup for the Zedd Moment Of Clarity Tour was amazing! It was the 1st thing I noticed upon entering. The stage was set up in a way that the entire DJ’s stage would be a large screen, putting the DJ seemingly at the middle of it. The walls were also set up with lights which gave additional rave to the party. Madeon went up on deck first and oh boy, was he good!

Madeon is an underrated young DJ who I think will really be someone relevant in the scene in the future. Hyve really did a great job having him as a front act to get the crowd going, because we really got pumped up and ready for Zedd, thanks to Madeon‘s beats and mixes.


As Zedd took to the stage, everyone just erupted and were all psyched up! He began short mixes of “Shave It Up” and “Spectrum” and slowly went on to his other album songs and even to mixing a Zelda OST! He bang the crowd with awesome mixes of his tunes “Clarity”, “Stay The Night” and once again, my favorite, “Spectrum”. He ended making the crowd go wild with “Alive”.

I don’t know what else to say. The night was simply amazing! The bass shook the entire SMX Convention Center and pumped up the entire crowd. The 2-hour wait was definitely worth it! The light show sparkled the entire night and everyone had a fantastic time! Zedd‘s mixes were incredible! He really got everyone jumping and dancing to his dynamic beats and mixes. Every song was a surprise, no similarity in his mixes and drops at all. His timing was perfect in climaxing the beats and the drops to get everyone going. My feet were burning from dancing afterwards – a sign that we totally rocked it out that night! 


The entire event was just one heck of a fun night! I can really say that this was an amazing cap off to my 2013! Cheers! Zedd Moment of Clarity Tour Manila was brought to us by Hyve, Globe and BlackBerry













Photos by: Nicole Villaluz
Article by: Cholo Isungga



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Zedd Moment Of Clarity Live In Manila: One Heck Of A Fun Night!


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