Zac Efron Had ZERO Swipe Rights On Tinder

Soooo, the newly-single Zac Efron joined Tinder… and no one swiped right on him.


Sounds impossible for the gorgeous actor, but it’s true!

According to the actor:

Amazingly, when I signed up for Tinder, nobody swiped me! They thought my profile was fake.

I could only imagine Zac uploading some pretty decent headshots of his on Tinder, only for a girl to come across his profile, rolling her eyes saying “Yeah, sure you’re Zac.”

Well this changes things!

Noted to keep a close eye on your Tinder profile, Zac. And we’ll swipe right on every single Zac profile, just in case!

Thoughts on this? Which celebrity would you swipe right for on Tinder?