Youth-Led Organization Siyensiya Launches Let’s Talk Science: “Siyensiya sa Iba’t ibang Larang”

Siyensiya, a STEM-inclined Filipino youth-led organization, is on its third Let’s Talk Science episode entitled “Siyensiya sa Iba’t ibang Larang”, a panel discussion that will tackle the state of science education as well as the Research and Development (R&D) in the Philippines on October 23.

Kababaihan Para sa Siyensiya— known better as Siyensiya PH, aspires to empower women in STEM, shed light on important issues and breakthroughs in the field, as well as establish a platform where science enthusiasts are able to impart knowledge, thus making science accessible to the public. With that, Siyensiya PH offers Let’s Talk Science series to explore science from different depths and perspectives.

Youth-Led Organization Siyensiya Launches Let's Talk Science: "Siyensiya sa Iba't ibang Larang"

Science is a tool for seeking solutions to current problems, but the practice of science as a human activity also has problems on its own. In Let’s Talk Episode 3: Siyensiya sa Iba’t ibang Larang, the challenges such as the lack of support, priority, facilities, and more underlying factors that slow down the progress of science education and R&D, are identified and to be discussed. This episode of Let’s Talk Science will not only point out issues in STEM, but will also analyze the root of these problems and present solutions to address them through the knowledge of experts and professionals in the field.

Well-versed people in the STEM field, namely Ms. Kristine Tomanan (Nursing, Public Health, and Health), Dr. Colleen Rosales (Atmospheric and Air Pollution Chemistry), and Dr. Sarah Jaye Oliva (Geophysics, Seismology, and Environmental Science) are the speakers invited to talk about their experience, share their insights regarding the issues within their respective fields of expertise, as well as inspire the Filipino youth to take part in the movement towards a brighter future for science education and R&D.

Young people are very much encouraged to join the discussion and participate in other activities, such as games, prepared by Siyensiya PH. Registration on Let’s Talk Science Episode 3: Siyensiya sa Iba’t ibang Larang will close on October 19.

Learn more about the upcoming event this Saturday (October 23, 2021) about the challenges in education and R&D, and the possible solutions to address those problems ??️. Audience registration DEADLINE is on October 19.

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