The Oracle Hotel and Residences: Your home away from home

When In Manila, let The Oracle Hotel and Residences take you to a whole new level of comfort. An “oracle” is defined as a command or revelation from God. As what their name suggests, the mix of comfort, art and luxury is indeed a revelation.  The Oracle is strategically located right across Ateneo de Manila University along Katipunan Avenue, where several of the country’s premier educational institutions (Miriam College, UP DIliman) can also be found. The Oracle Hotel and Residences officially launched itself as the newest landmark boutique hotel along the heart of Katipunan.




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Boasting 74 well-appointed guestrooms and suites, all are tastefully furnished and is ready to serve people from different walks of life. It opens its doors as a premier elegant boutique hotel that redefines comfort and convenience within the hustle and bustle of the Quezon City area. Once you enter the hotel, staff always ready to serve you with a smile.



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The Oracle gives a very high importance to guests’ comfort 24/7 so they always ensure that they value your time and money.  The reception boasts of a chic layout as well as their wall decors.



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I myself witnessed how polished this establishment is.  Even the elevator is well-designed and every guest needs a key card to access designated floors. Plus points for added security! The hotel claims that they are the newest landmark boutique hotel in the commercial strip of Katipunan. When I hear the term “Boutique” I think of high-end hotel with unique design and a small number of rooms. No cookie cutter approach to design like the big chains out there. I prefer boutique hotels as well. Most of the time, the smaller hotels can offer more personalized service. I asked the Hotel Manager and Director for Sales and Marketing  Ms. Angie Vicencio, what makes their hotel elevate from the others. “It’s the fine, thoughtful details that elevate us to a class of our own and our service with a more personal touch”, Ms. Angie answered.


The Oracle derived its character from one of owners’ personal passions: Art. Ms. Sheila Bermudez, together with her husband Mr. Mikee Romero, has been a long-time art collector. You will find elegant artworks all around the hotel that will surely pique your interest or perk up any individual’s mood.



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The hotel’s 150-seater ballroom looked very elegant with its exquisite design and layout. Ms. Vicencio even mentioned that a few companies utilize this for their team-building activities. It’s outfitted with high-tech audio and video equipment,  perfect for large group corporate functions or celebrations of personal milestones such as weddings and birthday parties.



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The artworks are a definite scene-stealers. I can’t help but to stare at them, so I asked Ms. Vicencio if they happened to be for sale.  She said they are mainly for decoration purposes. I would love to own one and put this in my room. That is, if I also have the budget because they sure do look expensive to me, really classical art pieces.



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After which, I have come to see the rooms The Oracle offer to their guests.  I ‘ve noticed that the people who designed the rooms exercised full attention to details.  The interiors were designed to efficiently maximize each space.



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Dark wood was used on the doors and built-in cabinets for warmth and neutral colours are dominant on the soft furnishings to promote a relaxed atmosphere, as well on fine linen you’ll find in most five-star hotels for that extra level of comfort.


“We intended not to make the floors carpeted as most guests prefer it that way… they said it’s much more cleaner and fresher”, Ms. Vicencio added when I noticed that the floor doesn’t have any carpet on it.



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The Oracle Hotel and Residences have rooms which range from single occupancy to family-sized suites, with price rate ranging from Php4,050(standard)-Php5,850(2BR Suites) with free WIFI. Rooms are equipped with advanced electronic lock systems for added security; 24-hour broadband Internet; phones with local and international direct dial services; and flat-screen TVs from Samsung with 24-hour cable channels, on top of the standard amenities such as air-conditioners and refrigerators. For long-staying guests, the bigger rooms come with their own living areas and modern kitchens.







Again I asked Miss Vicencio if the rooms have any more special features. She joyfully answered, “Aside from the free WIFI, we have orthopaedic beds along with the luxurious sheets to provide to those guests who specially need it”.  Awesome right? Perfect for those who have back problems like me! What a way to have that well-deserved rest after your toxic meeting or work at the end of the week.



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Guests can also choose to have a room (subject to availability) that has a full view of the Katipunan side.



Don’t you think it’s nice to just stare at the window and wait for the beautiful sunset while enjoying their comfy beds?






Lastly, the hotel did not fail to observe  environmental friendly etiquette.  To top it off, they have this “Dance Fridays” held at the Ballroom for those who wanted to unwind at the end of every stressful work week or just to simply have a good clean fun of dancing. It’s also a form of exercise, have fun and be healthy at the same time!






Troubled going to the area? Fret not! The Oracle is proud to have a free shuttle service to give guests additional comfort. Beat that.


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Whether it’s bringing your kids over for their first year of University, or proudly attending their graduation, you’ll find a home away from home at The Oracle Hotel and Residences. Take this opportunity to experience The Oracle. They are now offering promo room rates for as low as Php2,850 with breakfast. Whoever said that When In Manila you always need to spend big bucks just so to have the comfort of your own home within the metro? At the end of every day, Oracle Hotel and Residences aims to provide stylish comfort and unparalleled convenience to everyone who will walk through its doors.



For more information:

The Oracle Hotel and Residences is located at 317 Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines 1108. Please call   (+63)2/926-7777  ; Fax no. (+63)2/576-0753 for inquiries and reservations or visit for more details.