You Can Now Watch Glaiza De Castro’s ‘Liway’ Free Online!

Glaiza De Castro is definitely one of the most sought-after actresses of this generation and her movie ‘Liway’ is a must-see.

Liway is a 2018 independent film written and directed by Kip Oebanda. It was originally a part of the 14th Cinemalaya in the said year.

The movie is about the experiences of Dakip played by Kenken Nuyad, a young boy who grew up in a prison. Her mother, Cecilia Flores-Oebanda or Liway is played by Glaiza De Castro who tried her best to give his son a normal life despite living in a prison camp.


You can watch Liway on Kip Oebanda’s YouTube for free and ad-free starting March 18, 2022!

Check out Kip Oebanda YouTube channel here!