You Can Now View Images from Space Taken by Diwata-1 in Just One Click

DIWATA Pinoy Microsatellite (1)

The images captured by Diwata-1 can now be viewed in just one click with no cost.

On Monday, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) announced that they were making all photos that the country’s first microsatellite has taken since it was launched into orbit on April 27, 2016, accessible to the public at no cost.

The microsatellite has circled the earth more than 5,000 times. It has taken thousands of photos since then.


However, DOST officials cannot yet give the official count of photos the microsatellite has taken since they are still retrieving and processing most of the images from Diwata-1.

Photos from Diwata-1 can be accessed through following registration procedures, according to project leaders.

Check it out.