You Are Invited: HALAGA, a Video and Photography Exhibit on Animal Foster Care

HALAGA a video and photo exhibit on animal foster care

WANTED: Foster parents.

After rescue, animal welfare organizations often face a dilemma: where can the animal stay? This is how foster care can help as not only does it help free up space at overpopulated shelters, it also helps socialize and increase a rescue animal’s chances of getting adopted.

But what is foster care and why are there so few involved in it? According to the animal welfare organization CARA Welfare Philippines, foster care is the temporary re-homing of a pet, taking it out of a shelter and placing it in the care of a capable foster parent who will help in providing for the pet’s needs. The foster parent’s main responsibility is to take care of the pet as they would care for their own pets until the pet gets adopted by another individual or family.

Foster care is crucial in animal rescue but few are aware of it or know enough about it to become willing to foster rescued animals.

To address this need, fourth-year students of iAcademy in partnership with CARA and We are Proud Guardians of Aspins and Puspins organized a video and photography exhibit on animal foster care to be held on Saturday, May 13 from 1PM to 6Pm at the Salcedo Park in Makati City. The stories of 14 foster pets and six foster parents will be featured.

The campaign intends to broaden the public’s understanding of foster care and its benefits on both rescued animals and foster parents. Through the exhibit, the organizers aim to share how fulfilling it is to save a life and to prove that animals deserve as much respect as humans do. They hope to encourage the audience to consider fostering rescued pets. Volunteers from the two partner animal welfare organizations will be on hand to guide the viewers on how to become foster parents.

For inquiries, contact Jennifer Castillo or Christianne Diaz at 0906 973 2665.