YIKES: This nightclub in BGC slammed a netizen about HIV

What happened to love for all, or #LoveWins? Love does not discriminate, but what happened in this situation is quite the opposite.

Nectar, described to be a “DJ-driven LGBTQ nightclub” in BGC, shared on their Facebook page how one interested goer messaged them an inquiry that quite disturbed them.

Nectar also expressed their sentiments regarding the conversation:

Dear Straight Bigots-

Last week, via Nectar Nightclub’s Facebook page, we received a very disturbing message. (See attached screenshot below).

As you can imagine, we were horrified that someone had the nerve to offend us while asking about a celebration with their “straight” friends within our LGBTQ+ establishment. Their ignorance about HIV was appalling and the audacious and casual tempo of thier shrieking insult to celebrate a party of marriage in one of our clubs when we ourselves don’t have the right to marry the person we love (here in The Philippines) was down right straight-privilege nonsense.

Nectar will be celebrating our two-year anniversary in November and in looking back on our history, we have only had one serious fight inside of the club. A Nectar gogo boy was attacked by the boyfriend of a straight female bachelorette party attendee who was voluntarily getting a lap-dance. Our employee was punched in the head a total of fifteen times, rushed to the hospital and suffered a severe (grade 3) concussion.

We were gay-bashed inside our own home!

And you are asking about your safety?

This letter speaks to the layers of straight privilege that exist within many of you.

Unlike you, when you turn away our trans-sisters from your straight clubs, we will not discriminate and show you all the same hate you have shown us.
Instead we will welcome you in our homes, but just so you all know, behave yourselves.

You are guests after all.


Nectar Nightclub

A netizen decided to see the incident from a different perspective. After sharing the screenshot of the conversation between Nectar and the inquirer, Niccolo Cosme shared his sentiments how there are some people who still lack knowledge on this issue, so he opted to share information he knows about. Additionally, he backed it up with other informative videos that discuss HIV.

What are your sentiments on this incident? Let us know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: WheninManila.com does not own the photos. Header photo credit goes to Philippine Primer, screenshot credit goes to Nectar. 


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