YHE Goes Online: Bayanihan

This year has been crazy and with the suspension of classes since mid-March, students have missed a lot of events and opportunities that they could have experienced if not for these odd circumstances. For this term, the Young Hoteliers’ Exposition, together with all other SHRIM Organizations, have collaborated to create SHRIM Week..


SHRIM Week is a purely virtual event made for SHRIM students to showcase their talents and learn some new things, even while in quarantine, through competitions and webinars made for SHRIM students. The theme for this term is YHE Goes Online: Bayanihan. In these troubling times, it is important to help one another and not be selfish. The pandemic is a global problem and we should help our fellow brothers and sisters on this earth no matter how small our efforts may be. Little acts of care for one another can make a huge impact on the whole world.

A portion of the registration fees for this term’s events will be used to help the Ates and Kuyas from Benilde who have been affected by this pandemic. This is to show the students’ great appreciation for each and every one of the Ates and Kuyas that make life in Benilde more comfortable and safe. So, join the YHE this term as SHRIM Week presents, YHE Goes Online: Bayanihan!