YarnPop MNL: Adorable Crocheted Items You Can Use Everyday

I’ve always loved personalized items. It has also been a ‘dream’ of mine to learn how to crochet ever since I was a kid. I loved DIY projects and always wanted to make warm items that we could snuggle in when we lived in Germany. I never did learn, though; so whenever I see crocheted items, I feel a surge of nostalgia for the days of when I wanted to learn it. I felt an especially strong surge of nostalgia when I saw adorable Pokemon-inspired crocheted items at YarnPop MNL.

YarnPopMNL Bottle Holder

Stephee, the founder and co-owner of YarnPop MNL, has a knack for learning and creating things from scratch. She started crocheting back in 2014, learning on her own by watching YouTube videos and eventually getting hooked. Initially, she created handmade crochet items to give to her friends and family as Christmas gifts. Since the reception was overwhelming, Stephee and her boyfriend decided to start sharing and selling the items to other people, as well.

YarnPopMNL Cup Holder

YarnPop MNL was formed in a coffee shop in Greenhills. Their regular weekend dates would often include playing Pokemon Go in coffee shops they could catch Pokemon in. This gave them the idea to create handmade eco-friendly items that can be used by Pokemon Go players.

While her boyfriend was busy catching Pokemon, Stephee started to create Pokemon-inspired coasters and cup sleeves. “To my surprise, Pokemon Go players in the area started to notice these trendy designs and they started inquiring,” she shares.

I have actually passed down my own love for Pokemon to my daughter, so the Pokemon-inspired items are our absolute favorites.

YarnPopMNL Pokemon Coaster

They have bottle holders, coasters, and cup holders with a Pokeball design!

Of course, they don’t just offer Pokemon items, either. Here are some of their other items that might strike your fancy:

YARNPOP MNL Wizard’s Cup Cozy

Photo from YarnPop MNL

Potterheads will recognize these color combinations on their cup holders for sure!


Photo from YarnPop MNL

These Ear Savers are the perfect companion for your face masks during the pandemic.

Stephee believes that the only way out of this pandemic is to help each other. Because of this, YarnPop MNL also ran a promotion that donated a face mask to frontliners for every purchase of their ear savers. “We always try to help in our own little way,” she shares. I love that about their brand!


Photo from YarnPop MNL

These alcohol holders will also come in handy during these times.

YarnPop MNL currently offers coasters, cup sleeves, tumbler holders, glass covers, and gadget sleeves; but they are also open to expanding their range of products depending on the market and as long as they still align with their mission. They even offer personalized designs and items; so if you want a crazy pattern, different color combinations, or specific dimensions for a tumbler or gadget, just send them a message. 🙂

Generally speaking, YarnPop MNL’s mission is to promote trendy and eco-friendly handcrafted creations for everyday use in order to help Mother Nature in their own little way. This just goes to show that the brand isn’t just about providing cute items; there is a real heart behind it. Let’s support this small business (and other small businesses) all the way!

YarnPop MNL

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YarnPopMNL

Instagram: @yarnpopmnl

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