Xian Lim shares that he was bullied in school, too

Xian Lim may be one of the most goodlooking actors in showbiz today, but once upon a time, he was bullied, too.

He shared his experience on Instagram by posting some of his middle school photos along with screenshots of his story.

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According to Lim, “I had no friends. I was called a loser for being an introvert and not knowing how to talk to other kids. I was called a FOB for having a really strong accent. Kids would beat me up and spit on me and made my life hell.”

It was so bad that he made up excuses just so he wouldn’t have to go to school. At some point, “bullies told me that I would get stabbed if I were to snitch on them.”

Lim shared the story following the video of an Ateneo Junior High School student beating up a fellow student in the restroom.

He added, “you do not want this to happen to your kids, trust me. You do not want this to happen to your brothers and sisters. You do not want this to happen to anyone. It has to stop.”

The actor also encouraged victims to speak up. He ended his post by announcing that any organization who needs him can send him a direct message on Instagram.

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