Xian Lim and Tippy dos Santos endorse line of fragrances

When in Manila, and looking for some great scents to sport this holiday season and all year round, Adore Fragrance for women and Aqua Fresco Fragrance for men are just the perfect choice.

Last December 11, 2012, Xian Lim and Tippy dos Santos were officially launched as the endorsers of these great fragrance lines at Cerchio Restaurants in Quezon City. It was an event graced by scent enthusiasts, online personalities and folks from the lifestyle scene.






“I love Adore fragrance because they give you varied scents,” Tippy dos Santos remarked. This beautiful young lass just made her film debut in “I Do Bidoo Bidoo” this year; a musical movie that features some of the hits of APO Hiking Society. Armed with great looks and a superb singing voice, Tippy is all set for all the opportunities coming her way the next year. With Adore fragrance backing her up and making her smell great all the time, Tippy is so ready for the big things coming. Tippy serenaded the crowd with live performances of her favorite songs during the launching which put everyone in total awe; recognizing her superb skills and recognizing the fact that she’s the right choice for Adore fragrance – fab, fresh, talented and ready for the world!



Meanwhile, Xian Lim was all smiles during the event. This lad had an amazing year behind him as well. With all the endorsement deals, movie and TV series, Xian’s career has turned into one of the successful stories of 2012. How does Xian Lim handle it all though? “The pressure is on. But I just enjoy it because I’m here and this is what I wanted to do and finally it’s here.  And I don’t wanna let people down – the people who trust me and my followers. Also, I just wanna prove my self to everyone that I’m making the right choice.” It took Xian a great deal of audacity and perseverance as he return to the Philippines and pursue his passion for  the performing arts. “Before kasi when I was in the states I really didn’t know what I wanna do. But when I moved here I already knew that it was acting and the performing arts,” he said. Xian performed too during the launch, proving that he’s a well-rounded performer. 

When asked what made him say yes in endorsing Aqua Frasco Fragrance. “While they were presenting the fragrance, I thought Radical really stood out for me. It’s like having this getting out of the shower feel. So I really wanted to share that to everyone.” As an endorser Xian believes that smelling good speaks about your personality as well. In choosing the scents, Xian advised, “First, they should try whatever suits them. It has a wide variety of scent kasi. And I’m sure they’re gonna like one of the scents. “ 


Adore Fragrances and Aqua Fresco Fragrances

are now available at your nearest stores nationwide.






Xian Lim and Tippy dos Santos endorse line of fragrances


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