XChange 2023: The Biggest Collab Camp for Youth Orgs Nationwide Comes Back Onsite

XChange is an organization development (OD) seminar by the Ateneo Consultants for Organization Development and Empowerment (Ateneo CODE). The event will be held this March 11-18 both online and on campus.

2023 is shaping up to be a definitive year. Leading up to this point, sectors across the nation have dealt with climate change, a global pandemic, and public challenges of all sorts. With the brunt of these leaving permanent effects on everyone’s way of life, 2023 asks: what now? What next?

Ateneo CODE’s XChange presents a way forward with and for the youth. For 8 years, the OD seminar has worked together with over 160 youth and youth-oriented organizations from 30 universities and non-profits nationwide. This coming March 11 to 18, XChange is going hybrid (both online and onsite) after being fully online for two years.

XChange 2023: The Biggest Collab Camp for Youth Orgs Nationwide Comes Back Onsite

Like every year, XChange has plenty in store for its participants: plenary talks with esteemed advocates, OD workshops with experienced facilitators, and valuable discussions with fellow participants. Each component of the program serves as an avenue for learning, collaboration, and empowerment.

But how else is XChange shaping up to help youth organizations combat more recent issues?

This year’s XChange is turning towards a more development-oriented outlook on the youth’s impact. The program aims to imbue a greater sense of nation-building among its participants, mainly by narrowing in on the role of youth organizations within their spheres of influence and rooting dialogue on community development. Taking from the youth’s experiences with the country’s social, economic, and political circumstances today, the program provides the necessary space for conversations to take place between future generations of leaders and advocates.

Realizing realities. Practicing participation. Developing communities. XChange’s theme this year upholds the values of servant leadership and nation-building by inviting those driven by hope.

XChange welcomes those willing to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills to help with development pursuits. This includes gaining a unique opportunity to engage with some of the most influential youths, building connections with one another, and laying the path forward. But while community-building and change-making continue to be the driving forces of XChange, participants can also expect to go in-depth on agenda-setting and capacity-building.

What now? What next? The past years have produced a relentless feeling of uncertainty, but leading the charge for development is the country’s youth—the fiery, forward-looking makers of Philippine society. And to some, XChange is the next step to unlocking the possibilities.

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