Xbox Ventures Into Home Appliances With New Xbox Series X Mini Fridge

Yep, you’re reading that right.

Apparently, Xbox isn’t only going to be making gaming consoles; it’s begun making home appliances now too!

“Yes, it’s really happening,” Microsoft announced in a video during the E3 2021 showcase as it unveiled the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge set for release this Holiday season.

xbox mini fridge

If you’re wondering why Microsoft decided to create this, it all goes back to 2019 when the Xbox Series X console was first revealed to the public. At the time, it went viral for looking exactly like a refrigerator which Microsoft apparently eventually embraced.

The company then promised to make this Xbox Series X-inspired fridge into a reality provided that the Internet help them win against Skittles in a tweet contest back in April (which they did).

No other details have been divulged since the reveal — not its estimated selling price nor its launch date — but it’s almost guaranteed that gamers who have remained faithful to the Xbox over the years won’t think twice about spending their year-end bonuses on this “state-of-the-art” mini-fridge.

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Watch the announcement video below:

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