Would You Use These Peanut Butter Slices For Your Sandwich?

Forget cheese slices: have you heard of peanut butter slices?

Chances are, they probably don’t exist for a reason, because making them is a pretty hard process altogether. But the Food Network apparently thought that making PB singles was a great idea.

The network released a video showing Bev Weidner introducing her PB&J hack, which is making peanut butter slices.

Basically, by making PB slices in advance, it’s supposed to save you from the torment of torn bread. It makes sense… in theory. But this is where the execution can get a little muddled.

First, you spread peanut butter onto parchment paper. Bev says to use about “three big gluggies, or dollpies, whatever you want to call them but be sure to put an ‘ies’ on the end ‘cause it makes it cute”. Which is her way of saying to spread three big spoonfuls.

Next, fold the parchment over, and roll it out. After that, you put the peanut butter in the freezer for at least three hours.

Finally, you use kitchen shears to cut squares out of the frozen peanut butter.

And then, as Weidner instructs, you stick them back into the freezer so when you’re making your next sandwich, you already have the peanut butter ready to go.

Here’s where it gets complicated, though: the peanut butter slice isn’t immediately ready to be eaten when you take it out of the freezer — because it’s, well, frozen. So you’d have to wait for it to thaw.

Maybe if you really hate spreading peanut butter on bread then this hack could work. But otherwise, we’re probably better off spreading it on bread like normal people.

Thoughts on this? Would you do these peanut butter slices?


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