World Bazaar Festival 2014: Fantasy Meets Bazaar

World Bazaar Festival 2014: Fantasy Meets Bazaar
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“This Christmas, at the World Bazaar Festival, it’s not about business – it’s about giving back.”

Give back in your own little way

The holidays are coming up and you know what that means? Yes. Time to throw your hard – earned money out the door and rake in some brand new goodies. Kidding aside, the Christmas season is my favorite time of the year because Christmas means: Shopping. And I don’t just mean mindless shopping, shopping-I-have-nothing-in-mycloset-even-if-that’s-not-entirely-true shopping; or I-need-to-do-my-groceries-or-buy – myself-adult-things-like-curtains-and-plates shopping but actual hey, I think my significant other might actually really like this flask over here, why don’t I just grab one and place it under the Christmas tree kind of shopping. The kind where you’re actually thinking of someone other than yourself. And to be perfectly honest, that’s the best part of Christmas: the fact that there you are in a store with lots of other people, trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for someone you care about and actually enjoying every second of it!

Holiday cheese aside, Christmas really is the best time to give back. Not just to the people you love, but to the people who don’t exactly have the means to celebrate Christmas the way that we do.

Shop for a Cause

Turns out, there is an event that allows you to do exactly that. The World Bazaar Festival—the longest running, annual charity bazaar organized by Worldbex Services International—gives you a chance to give back, not only to your loved ones, but to a charity as well.

Every year, in partnership with the ABS-CBN Foundation, World Bazaar Festival gives parts of its proceeds to the beneficiaries of the foundation. Last year, they partnered with ABS-CBN to help out the victims of Yolanda—but who says that the work should stop there?

This year ABS-CBN and the World Bazaar Festival are going to be giving back not only to the victims of Yolanda, but to those who were hurt badly by the last couple of storms and the victims of the earthquake in Bohol last year! Every time you shop, a portion of your money goes to them. It also gives them a chance to participate in World Bazaar Festival mini-events like Woobie’s Fourteen Wishes—where Woobie, who turns fourteen this year, grants fourteen wishes to fourteen different families who were victims by the calamities that hit us this year and last.

A World Unlike Any Other

And that’s not all they have up their sleeves. This year Woobie and the gang are actually going to take giving back to a whole new level.

As a thank you for patronizing them over the years, Woobie is going to give back to you.

On December 5, 2014, when the doors to the World Bazaar Festival finally open, you will be transported into another world. Think: Alice in Wonderland, the Emerald City, Neverland. All of that-right at the tip of your fingertips. You’ll be in for a surreal shopping experience—from floating dream-catchers, to carousels and even hot air-balloons, and so many more!

And in the bazaar—a smorgasbord of products, from novelty items, to bags, clothes, shoes, food—anything and everything under the sun. And that’s not even the best part. During the event proper there will be live-performances, surprise guests (a little birdie told me some of our favorite Kapamilya stars are going to be there too!), and contests, where you can win tons of prizes from the different bazaaristas at the World Bazaar Festival. All this just to give you the ultimate shopping experience.

Give Back with Woobie

But more importantly, as I already mentioned earlier, for every single purchase, proceeds will be given to the ABS-CBN foundation—so you get to enjoy your Christmas shopping, and give back in your own little way. Because this Christmas, at the World Bazaar Festival, it’s not about business—it’s about giving back.

I honestly don’t know what I’m more excited about—all the things I can find at the World Bazaar Festival; the surreal shopping experience that comes with it; or the fact that in my own little way, I get to give back to the people who need it just because I dropped by at the bazaar. And what better place to do it than at the World Bazaar Festival?

The World Bazaar Festival opens on December 5, 2014 and runs until December 21, 2014, 12nn to 10pm from Monday to Thursday and 10am to 12mn from Friday to Sunday. Head on down to the World Trade Center, Metro Manila and experience a Christmas Wonderland the Woobie Way. Follow Worldbex Services International on Twitter, Instagram (@worldbex) and like their page on Facebook and a chance to get freebies and free tickets to the bazaar. See you there!

World Bazaar Festival 2014: Fantasy Meets Bazaar

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