Woman Exposes Cheating Boyfriend, Thankful for Instagram Re-Edit Caption Feature

An, a woman from Manila, trended by posting on social media and exposing her 8 month relationship which turned sour. She narrates how her then-boyfriend would repeatedly cheat on her with women she has confronted. Her anger heightened when the woman in question was allegedly “proud of sleeping with An’s boyfriend.”

She was also flabbergasted by the so-called “reason” for the boyfriend to cheat: Because he was Iglesia Ni Cristo and that she was not.

Commenters on the viral post condemn him for putting religion in the picture as it is “his choice” and that “religion teaches love and not the opposite”


Just like any other girlfriend, she has been posting cute photos of her boyfriend on instagram showing appreciation for the things that her boyfriend did from happy times. Though upon anger from the series of unfortunate events, she changed the captions of their Instagram photos into something not-so-happy anymore.

With painful caption-mistakes from the past, Instagram now lets people re-edit their captions and change it especially for those stubborn typos! *ehem* auto correct *ehem*

Never thought it would be a good feature for exs as well.

Do you think the ex boyfriend deserved it? Or did the girl go too far?