Will You Still Vote for Miriam if She Runs for President in 2016?

Will You Still Vote for Miriam if She Runs for President in 2016?


According to The Rappler, towards the end of a special news briefing she had called to announce that she had stage 4 lung cancer, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago made another surprising pronouncement – she may seek the presidency in 2016.


“That’s why when I get better next month, because I’m supposed to be in remission by next month, I’m going to announce my presidential candidacy,” she said.


During her briefing, Santiago said she expects to get better after 6 weeks of oral chemotherapy. If she confirms her candidacy, this will be her 2nd time to run for President since 1992.


Sen. Miriam for Team Manila


In a report by Manila Bulletin, Santiago cited probable support from more than one million voters in social media.

She said, “I have Twitters in high numbers but unlike other candidates I am not going to cheat.”

I’m sure you’d agree that Sen. Miriam is currently one of the most popular names in social media due to her wit, quirkiness and humor. With each controversial issue in the senate, people (like me) often look forward to what Sen. Miriam has to say.

Immediately after her announcement last Wednesday on being diagnosed with cancer, the hashtag #MiriamFight trended all over social media as netizens expressed their support and wished the senator her speedy recovery.

I would have to say that like most Filipinos, I was also shocked after Sen. Miriam Santiago revealed her health condition a few days ago. I may not be a fan of Philippine politics, but seeing Miriam in the Senate, has inspired me to vote for more public servants like her. I can never imagine the Philippine Senate without Miriam Santiago. Personally, I think I would love to have a President like her so she can hopefully clean up the “trapos” and corrupt officials (just my humble opinion). Now, the big question is… will Filipinos give their precious votes to Sen. Miriam and make her President in 2016?

Aside from Sen. Miriam, news reports say that other possible presidentiables would be Sen. Bongbong Marcos and Vice President Jejomar Binay (and many more).


Is the Philippines ready for another female president?

Who are you gonna vote for in 2016?

Will you still vote for Miriam despite her announcement of having lung cancer?


We would love to hear your thoughts.



Will You Still Vote for Miriam if She Runs for President in 2016?