Wil Dasovich and Nas Daily Respond to the Controversy

If you’ve been on Twitter recently, then you may have noticed a certain issue that has blown up involving Wil Dasovich and Nas Daily.

Earlier this week, Nas Daily posted a podcast on Spotify where he discussed social media in the Philippines with Wil Dasovich. A day after that, an online news agency posted an article on Twitter that summarized a short section of it, which in turn led to a viral controversy all over the social media platform.

The article took select quotes from the podcast, which seems to have been put out of context if you didn’t listen to the entire thing. In a recent video, Wil points out that the narrative has been altered so much by now – to the point that it has become false information. Little quotes started trending on Twitter, all of which came from people who didn’t even listen to the podcast to begin with.

If you actually listened to the podcast, you’ll know that it was a fun and friendly conversation between the two influencers on how social media has affected our life and what the future of social media looks like. Most of the feedback from people who listened to the podcast was positive, but there were some people who relied solely on the tweets that were being posted and were outraged by them.

Watch what Wil has to say about the whole debacle here:

Nas has since spoken up about the issue, as well. He recently turned to Facebook to “correct something”, announcing that the episode was very fun, but was sadly taken out of context by some online articles. “It pains me to see that,” he says.

Nas points out that he is good friends with Wil and that the podcast was very friendly. “But when you write it down in text or an article, it looks like it was all serious and grumpy. It wasn’t,” he stresses. “I don’t want anyone to use this podcast or my conversation with Wil to further anyone’s political ambitions or use it against Wil. We are both trying to figure out what to do with social media. It’s a whole new world for both of us. And we’re doing our BEST to make it a NET POSITIVE to the world.”

He adds: “If you want to form an opinion, I would advise you to do it not based on quotes, but based on research. Luckily, Wil and I spoke for 1 hour – so after listening to the whole thing, you should make an informed opinion.” You may read his full statement here.

Nas also left a comment on Wil’s video (the one seen above), stating: “Awesome response! I’ve never watched a 13-minute video in a while, but I sat through all of this haha. It’s unforunate how something so innocent can be used as a weapon.” As of writing, the comment already has 3.8K likes and 167 replies.

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Did you get to watch the podcast? What are your thoughts on this?

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