Why We Loved Award-Winning Musical Comedy “Spamalot” in Manila!

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The famous Monty Python production which has won a Grammy, a Drama Desk Award, and the Tony for Best Musical, is now opening its curtains in Manila! Monty Python’s Spamalot, running every weekend in Makati until August 12, is more than just a parody of Arthurian legends. Here’s some of the reasons why the show is worth seeing:


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It’s downright hilarious

It’s no exaggeration that the show has the audience laughing almost every minute, with golden scenes that have the audience doubling over with laughter. While the show retains the original script, the cast and directors have put their own spins on it that make the show all the more entertaining. It’s not just a show with British humor, but one that keeps up with the times (with even one low-key woke scene) and unabashedly breaks the fourth wall. From pop culture references to very subtle allusions to other musicals (including the up-and-coming West Side Story), avid theater-goers and general audiences alike will appreciate the adaptations the production makes.

On top of that, it’s definitely not the same production you would see on another stage. Directors Joel Trinidad and Nikki Triviño explain how they wanted to pay tribute to the original production while still bringing something new to the table. “You’re doing a show that people know very well. If you don’t have anything new to say, why are you doing it?” said Joel. Even if they had to stick to the original script, you can bet they went crazy with everything else. And while it stays true to the spirit of Monty Python, the Manila production definitely has a spirit of its own.

Spamalot-11Press Preview Q&A. The 12-role cast of Monty Python’s Spamalot in Manila.

The amazingly energetic and talented cast 

Seasoned veteran Lorenz Martinez stars as the dimwitted King Arthur, and Rachel Alejandro slays it as the diva Lady of the Lake (and Carla Guevara-Laforteza alternating the role). Alongside the directors, the 13 cast members earn a lot of credit for the final production on stage. They had a big part in the writing and played around with it a bit while the directors incorporated some of the hilarious shenanigans of their rehearsals into the actual show.

It’s also got a little bit of everything. Like a vaudeville of sorts, Spamalot exploits different musical clichés through its musical numbers. Parodying genres from jazz, gospel, to the cheesiest sentimental ballads, they pack everything into one night’s show. That’s a challenge for the actors who have to run backstage to change into another role, and perform numbers of various themes. Yet the ones enjoying themselves the most are the cast members themselves, who die of laughter during the rehearsals and have to keep it cool onstage. Watching them do it all is a real treat!

The Francis Libiran gowns are gorgeous

Fashion designer Francis Libiran created five beautiful gowns exclusively for the Lady of the Lake. Every single one of them, from the green sequined gown upon her entrance to the ombré one that you wish you wore at prom, is sweet candy to the eyes. The costumes cast a certain ethereality to the character and is just really solid production value. Rachel and Carla are much envied for getting to wear them every show!


The music is actually really good

All the while, the comedy doesn’t sacrifice musical performances, and a Grammy for Best Musical Show Album proves that. The songs from the show will stick to you as you whistle Always Look on the Bright Side of Life on your way home and attempt to belt Find Your Grail in the shower. They nail every number while still getting you to laugh about it!

Upstart Productions’ Monty Python’s Spamalot runs on weekends from July 28 until August 12, 2017 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza in Makati. You can score tickets from only P1000 through TicketWorld (www.ticketworld.com.ph/Online/Spamalot) or Upstart Productions (0917 811 6156 or upstartproductionsinc@gmail.com). With only two weeks left, you better hurry! It’s bound to make you laugh a lot.