Why This Year’s Wanderland Fest Might Just Be the Best One Yet

The jungle is calling! Time to get out of that space suit and head back down to Earth because Wanderland is going to roar so loud, you’ll be feeling the FOMO from lightyears away.


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5. It’s Wanderland’s 5th birthday!

You read that right: It’s the 5 th Wanderland. Feel old yet?

To celebrate 5 awesome years, we’re taking you someplace no Wanderer has dared to brave before: the Jungle. Get ready to unleash your inner wildling and get social with the other creatures of the jungle.

4. We’re heading to a (bigger) space down South.

It was quite packed in outerspace last year so we’ve moved to Filinvest City Event Grounds Alabang. *cue South folk’s cheers*

Time to take a break from the noise of the city, as our new home is known for less buildings and more trees.

Bon Iver Death Cab for Cutie The Naked and Famous San Cisco Panama Blackbird Blackbird Chad Valley Wanderland Music and Arts Festival 2016 Karpos Multimedia

3. Three stages to experience.

A bigger venue can house not only more people, but more stages too. We’re giving you three back to back to back stages – Wanderland Stage, Globe Stage, and Jungle Stage.

2. A line-up that wanders around the world.

This year’s artists are hailing from Manila, Cebu, Malaysia, Canada, the UK, the USA, and Australia. We also have live art from our very own talented live artists that you can check out. Excited yet?

The Temper Trap Wanderland FestThe Temper Trap headlined the first ever Wanderland Fest in 2013

1. Two of your fave bands are making a comeback this year.

If you still haven’t found your Tadhana or you still haven’t Trapped your Temper, you’re in for a treat. Up Dharma Down and The Temper Trap will be playing Wanderland again to get us on the feels train back to 2013.

Wanderland Music Festival

TBH, we don’t know what you’re waiting for at this point. Be part of history by witnessing the biggest indie music & arts festival with us at Wanderland Jungle. Grab your Wanderer and Star Wanderer (+ perks!) tickets at wanderlandfestival.com. The wild is waiting.