Here’s Why You Should Do the Food Intolerance Test this 2020

I’ve been hearing about Food Intolerance Testing from my friends for a while now. My friend Russ recently tried it because he had been feeling itchy for no reason and also experienced a bunch of muscle and joint pain. My friend CJ, on the other hand, practically swears by it, getting tested on a yearly basis just to ensure that he feels his best at all times.

I never really knew much about Food Intolerance Tests, and to be honest, it sounded like a mere fad to me at first. But when I started feeling extra tired and getting headaches out of nowhere, CJ suggested I should try it out. And I’m glad I did.

What is Food Intolerance?

Do you ever have days where you feel so tired even when you’ve slept for more than 8 hours? Do you ever feel bloated after meals and thought that was normal? Do you ever get constant migraines without knowing what is causing them? Then you should check out Food Intolerance Testing.

Chances are, you may have eaten something that your body is reacting negatively to. This also means you’re having difficulties digesting particular foods. The only problem is you won’t be able to pinpoint it on your own since symptoms might not show up until a few days later.

Here are the symptoms to look out for: acute or chronic anxiety, bloating, nausea, stomach discomfort, heartburn, itchy skin problems, fatigue, constipation, low mood, diarrhea, muscle and joint pains, headaches, weight control issues, water retention, sleep difficulties, and feeling under the weather. Sound like you at all? Bet you didn’t know these feelings could merely be symptoms of food intolerance – something you can easily avoid by taking a Food Intolerance Test.

What is a Food Intolerance Test?

A Food Intolerance Test can help you identify which foods have negative reactions to your body and overall health, so you can remove them from your diet and completely change your life. Finding out little changes that you can make in your diet is well worth the investment since you will feel much better overall in the end.

Where Can You Get a Food Intolerance Test?

LifeScience Center for Health and Wellness offers Food Intolerance Tests (FIT) for those in need.

What I like the most about LifeScience Center is that you know you are being taken care of and given advice based on your personal health concerns and results helping you further personalize your 2020 diet resolution.

If you are interested in a Food Intolerance Test, now would be the best time to get one as they have an ongoing promotion where you can save as much as Php 2,000 until January 31, 2020.

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This promo includes FIT extraction with results after 8 working days, a consultation with a nutritionist-dietitian and/or a doctor at LifeScience Center, and a FREE one-hour session of their Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy worth Php1,500. This oxygen therapy will let you breathe in pure, clean oxygen; help you detoxify’ and may help relieve muscle pains and injuries (maybe from too much exercising). The package costs Php7,900 for a nutritionist-dietitian (from a total of Php11,400) or Php 10,400 for a nutritionist-dietitian and doctor consult (from a total of Php13,900).

If it’s a doable New Year’s resolution you’re looking for, this is it. Give yourself and your family the gift of good health this 2020 and start it healthy and strong!

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