Who Wants to Learn With Diplomats?

The Foreign Service Institute Employees’ Association, Inc. will launch its first ever diplomatic learning event entitled, L+D Festival 2019: Learn with Diplomats on 09 November 2019, Saturday, from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at Monster Hub Philippines in Makati.  The goal of this event is to provide a fun, interactive, learner-centered discussion about the latest trends, international issues, alongside the sharing of valuable experiences from accomplished ambassadors, diplomats, and government agencies officers.  

LD Festival 2019 Learn with Diplomats Poster

Dubbed as “an innovative learning event through story telling and real conversations with diplomats and friends,” Learn with Diplomats is composed of five themes:

  • LIVE:  Values are essential in being an effective diplomat. This session focuses on imparting ethical standards diplomats live by in their field and the values they have integrated in their personal life. 

Sessions: Life Lessons from a Pencil, Dulce Amor N. Fortunado

                 Gig-a-Bite: How to Live Well in a Gig Economy, Kitt Castillo

  • LOVE: We are all driven by our passion. It is the goal of this session to stir the audience’s love for learning and to rekindle in them the drive to pursue their goals and dreams, specifically, in serving other people through the field of diplomacy.

Sessions: Forming Bonds and Catalyzing Friendships in Diplomacy, Shawee Yap

From Foreign Embassies to Philippine Embassy: What I Love about the Philippine Foreign     Service, Cathe Sarmiento

  • LEARN: Diplomats are trained to develop key set of skills that are vital in performing their functions. This session provides new and refreshing knowledge in acquiring and improving the skill sets of the audience who aspires to be the future representatives of the country.

Sessions: Why History is Important in Diplomacy, Fernando Beup, Jr.

  What I Learned from Changi, Atty. Dennis Borromeo Bregala

Science Diplomacy: How Diplomats and Scientists Work Together, Atty. Azela Arumpac-  Marte

  • LEAD: There is a leader in all of us. The session inspires the audience to be a leader in their own way by learning from the experiences of accomplished ambassadors and diplomats and how they were able to successfully guide and serve their assigned communities.

Sessions: Disability Sensitivity: Lead a Life of Inclusivity, Raphael Torralba

  Leading a Publication Production: Excellence by Example, Evelyn Katigbak

  • LEGACY: There are lessons which stand the test of time. The last session imparts some significant legacies of distinguished ambassadors and how these legacies changed and transformed the lives of the Filipinos.

Sessions: Leaving a Legacy Through a Life of Integrity, Ret. Ambassador Laura Q. Del Rosario

These skills and knowledge are not exclusive to participants who are interested in the field of diplomacy, rather they can also be utilized by lifelong learners and whichever path one wants to take for their career and even life lessons for in everyday living. 

This learning event is conducted in partnership with WheninManila.com, Sansage Wellness & Advanced Aesthetics, and Monstar Hub Philippines.