White Taxis Banned at NAIA After Vloggers Share Their Bad Experience with a Taxi Driver

Vlogger couple Mike and Nelly recently ha a bad experience with a taxi driver in Manila and decided to share their experience and some footage of their taxi trip on their vlog ‘Making it happen’. In case you haven’t watched their video yet, you may watch it here.

After sharing this experience and reporting the license plate number to the proper authorities, the taxi driver in question has been caught and questioned, prompting a temporary ban of white taxi cabs at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1.

Here is a video of the Manila International Airport Authority’s General Manager Eddie Monreal speaking with the taxi driver the other day:


Apparently, white taxis have not been allowed at NAIA Terminal 1 since Monday; and if accredited airport taxis are able to shoulder the full load of passengers from here on out, they might turn the temporary 2-week ban into a permanent one. If all goes well, other terminals might follow suit, too.

As for the taxi driver involved in the vlog, who claims he tried overcharging the couple because he needed to help his sick mother, charges will be filed against him.

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