Where to Get HD Music?

Where to Get HD Music?



High-Definition (HD) music or High-Resolution Audio (HRA) is continuously growing and it is coming strong. Basically, HD music can provide even the most subtle details that artists make on recordings. To put it in a better perspective, listening to HD music is feeling the power and presence of a live performance anywhere you may be. It also gives a feeling of sitting in a live studio where a recording is currently made. HD music or HRA clearly surpasses MP3 and CD-quality sound.

Due to this, brands like Sony focus on providing new and improved audio devices to support High-Resolution Audio. However, the more common question is where can we get HD music? There are many audio devices around that are already supporting HRA, however, little is known about the sources of HRA. 

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Here, we listed some of the sources of HD music or HRA on the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, some are restricted to certain locations only.

iTrax (no restrictions) 

Where to get HD audio

A music portal for purists, iTrax is a brainchild of Dr. Mark Waldrep, who is one of the key pioneers of high-resolution audio. This portal currently offers over 700 HD audio files, with a file bearing the highest resolution of 96kHz/24bit. It offers various genres including Acoustic, Blues, R&B, and Classical music. It carries file formats such as FLAC, WMA, and WMA Pro.

High Definition Tape Transfers (no restrictions) 

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A large collection of rare classical recordings in high definition quality, High Definition Tape Transfers offers many almost-forgotten musical performances that have historical importance. Some of these performances have copyrights that were long abandoned or have expired already. High Definition Tape Transfers tries to bring this music legacies back to life in high definition format. 

Downloads Now! (no restrictions) 

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Downloads Now! is an online retail store of audio that provides Super Resolution DSD and PCM music tracks. Additionally, it creates Microstores that can provide high definition music to all audiophiles around the globe. Even from the front page, you can already see the tracks available on the site and what formats they are available in. Available high-resolution audio formats in this portal include DSD, WAV, FLAC, and Blue Coast’s proprietary recording technique, ESE.

HDTracks (restricted to USA) 

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With only a handful of HRA portals available, HDTracks is known to offer the biggest and most varied collection of HD audio. It carries different music genres including Pop, Rock, Classical, and Jazz. It is continuously growing but you can already find a few tracks from artists such as Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, and Martin Gaye. It offers audio files in various formats such as WMA, AIFF, FLAC, and ALAC.

e-onkyo music (restricted to Japan)

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If you are into Japanese music, e-onkyo music is the best portal to go to. However, you can only shop for music on this site if you are in Japan. Still, you may want to browse through the Japanese titles you can find here and who knows, someday it might open up its purchases to the rest of the world. 


We have yet to see a local music portal that provides High-Resolution Audio. Still, Sony High-Resolution Audio devices will soon hit the Philippine shores to provide a better and more mind-blowing sound experience!


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Where to Get HD Music?