When is the ideal time to visit Ethiopia?: The Complete Guide

Ethiopia 1

Image Resource : unsplash.com

Ethiopia is a huge and fascinating country to explore. However, each region is subject to changes in seasons. There are temperature variations all the year around. During the months between October and March, this country receives minimum rainfall and experiences less heat in the northern and southern parts of Ethiopia. Even though it appears to be quite tricky to schedule a trip to Ethiopia, it is highly recommended to travel during the onset of the dry season. Before preparing for the trip to Ethiopia, consider navigating through the official website of Ethiopian Airlines to book tickets at an affordable rate. They render impeccable services featuring in-flight facilities such as ample seating arrangements, spacious legroom, and entertainment options. Let us discuss the best timings to visit Ethiopia in detail:

Ethiopia is a sought-after tourist destination for avid travelers owing to a myriad of spectacular activities, especially during the months between June to September. Since the country is situated at a higher altitude, the temperature begins to drop and reach around zero during the night, especially in the highlands. 

  • January:

It is an ideal month to visit Ethiopia due to the high season. The country experiences clear skies and warm temperatures. 17 degrees Celsius is the expected temperature in January. This is the best time especially for wildlife enthusiasts to get up close and personal with the elusive species of Ethiopia.

  • February

The average temperature recorded here during February is around 23 degrees Celsius. With sunny skies, the possibilities of rainfall are remote. The majority of the time, humidity levels are low

  • March

During March, it begins to get warmer and hence an ideal time to explore the country. So the average temperature is expected to be around 24 degrees Celsius with low humidity levels.

  • April

April indicates the onset of the rainy season in southern parts of Ethiopia. However, in the lowlands, temperatures begin to get quite sweltering, and the scorching heat of the sun. It is advisable to travel around the month of April.

  • May

It is not advisable to travel to explore Ethiopia in May as it marks the beginning of the low season. The climatic conditions might not be suitable for tourists.

  • June

This month is still at the cusp of the low season. The expected temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius. Though it is warmer with an average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius, you can expect intense rainfall for the entire month

  • July

You can expect wet conditions including heavy downpours and thunderstorms during July. It is not advisable to travel to Ethiopia at this point. The chances of sunshine are remote since the average temperature is around 21 degrees Celsius.

  • August

It might not be a great time to explore Ethiopia owing to the low season. Tourists would experience wet with high levels of humidity. Temperature is more or less the same compared to July.

  • September

The month of September marks the end of the low season where heavy rains gradually decrease. However, there are chances of intermittent rainfall, and not an ideal time to visit Ethiopia.

  • October

October heralds the onset of shoulder season when the entire region transforms into green and watered wildflowers begin to bloom. It is a great time to take part in trekking.

  • November

Tourists would experience dry weather conditions and clear skies during this month making it one of the best periods to explore Ethiopia. The average temperature recorded will be around 19 degrees Celsius.

  • December

The month of December is a phase of high season and minimum rainfall. Climatic conditions are favorable for the visitors to navigate throughout the entire region of Ethiopia.


In general, try to avoid planning a trip to Ethiopia during the months between June to August due to low temperatures and wet conditions. The ideal time to visit this country is during the dry season and admire the vibrancy of the region. To ensure a hassle-free and convenient traveling experience to Ethiopia, you may consider booking a flight ticket via Ethiopian Airlines. Passengers do have the option to download a unique app developed by the company to keep track of their bookings and similar travel-based services.