“What’s the Most Atenean Thing You’ve Ever Done?” – A Compilation of Tweets

“What’s the most Atenean thing you’ve ever done?” A question by Belle (@littleboondock) has gone viral within the past few days, thanks to a simple question she posed on Twitter: “My ADMU friends, I love you all, but I need a good laugh – what’s the most Atenean thing you’ve ever done? (DM me if it’s too classist and/or embarrassing)”, she tweeted – and wow, did people tweet!

Mark (@markbalmestm) shares that he has friends who travel abroad just because they’re bored at home:

Kume Cheetos Salud (@KumeSalud) shares an anecdote about what happened during lunch time on his first day at work at his very first job. Apparently, the manager asked what to do with the rest of the food and he said, “Let’s give it to the poor!”

Alec Uy (@darealalecuy) shares that while he wasn’t close to the guy he’s tweeting about, that guy took out his phone during an actual earthquake and tweeted before running outside.

In another earthquake incident, Gail Mereria (@gailmereria) shares that Ateneans were holding up their Macbooks as shade.

Tata (@tatalizing) says that she had a batchmate who was sad one day and announced that he couldn’t go out with them after school because he had to go to Polo Club since his horse was sick.

Mark Dimaisip (@dimaisipnasagot) shares that they once had an Ateneo OJT who asked while pointing to the computer desk table cable wire hole plastic cover, “Is this ikotable?”

Serjey (@sillysili) shares that some Ateneans were extremely shookt after going to the palengke because they had never been to one.

DILAWINNIE POOHDAWAN SUPERPOWERNAPPER (@YellowPadawan)  shared this screenshot from an Atenean friend:

I’ve got to admit that I could actually relate to some of the tweets that people sent in, so I found them quite amusing and entertaining. However, there were also quite a few people who seemed to think to set these tweets as a bar to where they want to be in life.

As such, Belle shares that she now feels awful about the thread going viral since she initially just wanted to highlight the absurdity of the posts – not to glorify or normalize the lifestyle. In another tweet, she says, “Yikes, I may have created a monster – this thread wasn’t meant to be aspirational.”

She adds, “Live simply, so that others may simply live. Always.” Let’s keep that line of hers in mind, shall we?

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