What are Your Favorite Superheroes’ Day Jobs?

Our favorite fictional superheroes all have the same job: to save the world. Have you ever wondered what they would do if they weren’t fighting bad guys all the time? Illustrator Chow Hon Lam came up with other day jobs that superheroes might have and they are absolutely hilarious. Sure, these might be old, but that doesn’t make them any less funny. :p Besides, you might not have even seen them yet. Check them out:

Storm Job

Storm using her powers to water crops

Aquaman Job

Aquaman cleaning an aquarium

Invisible Woman Job

Invisible Woman as a magician’s assistantCatwoman Job

Catwoman as a pest removerFantastic Four Job

Human Torch helping out in a rotisserie

Mr Fantastic Job

Mr. Fantastic as an apple pickerSuperman Job

Superman as a mailmanThor Job

Thor as a blacksmithIron Man Job

Iron Man ironing clothes

You can see more of Chow Hon Lam’s artwork here. What other jobs can you think of for your favorite superheroes? 🙂

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