Japanese Rock Band Wendy Releases Debut Album “Don’t Waste My Youth”

WENDY is Japanese 4-piece rock band and average age of WENDY is 18 years. Their song has been added to 30 playlists on Spotify and north America’s and UK’s listener is increasing now. Finally, WENDY’s 1st Album “Don’t waste my YOUTH” is out on today!


Photo: Wendy

All WENDY’s member is teenager,but there “YOUTH” time was stolen by COVID-19. They couldn’t perform as well as they wanted, so they’ve been feeling frustrated.But, even in such a life,they experienced that the most important thing is not to waste a moment of “youth” and to enjoy it.” A total of 10 songs with all one’s heart is recorded that expressed that feeling as a song in this album.

This Album, the sound producer is Marc Whitmore, who won the 2022 Grammy Award for Best Album for John Badiste’s “We Are”. This work was completed after a miracle meeting between the producer and Wendy, who are paying attention to overseas music scenes.

WENDY Dont waste my YOUTH Limited Editon

And, the first track on this album “SCREAM” Music Video is released on today.

This music video, which consists of videos live performance that expresses the momentum of a song as it is, and running through the streets of Shibuya.

It’s a work that gives you a glimpse of the coolness and playfulness of WENDY, so please check it out.

◆WENDY – SCREAM(Official Music Video)

In addition, official audio of each album’s songs was also released on WENDY’s official YouTube channel. The works are illustrated by Johnny Vincent (B.) with images of each song. Each illustration is also used in the album booklet, so please take a look at it.

WENDY Official YouTube Channnel


Also, on September 5th (Tue), they will perform in an event with the next generation K-pop band “W24” at Rollinghall, a live house in Seoul, South Korea. Live performances with a view to the world are also planned, so please look forward to WENDY’s future activities with the goal of aiming for the world from here.

Check out their official pages:

WENDY Official HP:https://wendy-official.com/

WENDY Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/WENDYofficial04

WENDY Official Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/wendy_official4/

WENDY Official TikTok:www.tiktok.com/@wendy_official_4

WENDY Official YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/@WENDYofficial04