WebGeek DevCup: Letting the code speak for itself.

“A hack is something you want to do to accomplish something”

When in Manila, follow the certified WebGeek’s mantra: Keep Calm and Hack!

Last Saturday, 28 August 2012, the WebGeek DevCup was held at the Meralco Multi-Purpose Hall. WebGeek is an all-day Hackathon for teams to develop the best web application.

 “A hack-a-what?!”

Well non-geeks, a hackathon or a codefest is an event where computer programmers/developers collaborate to create a software usually with a specific focus. For this event, the focus is the web. In the WebGeek DevCup the participants were challenged in creating a web application that coincides with the theme in 6 HOURS ONLY. Yes, the challenge is to create a working, executable web app in a few hours time!






There were a total of 42 teams that pre-registered but only 38 were able to show up during the day itself.






The WebGeek DevCup Hackathon Extravaganza commenced with a few speeches from some of the sponsors. Shortly after the theme is announced; “Build an App to Solve a Filipino Problem.” The participants are to defy time and create an app with great code, great design and great product that’ll help solve a Filipino problem.
















Did I mention that they have really cool and fun team names?


During the hackathon hours, experts from the computer programming and developing industry came and offered their advices to the different teams.


After 6 gruelling hours, the WebGeek DevCup teams demonstrated their applications to the panel of Judges which consisted of Bryan Bibat, a freelance software engineer; Jen Yu, a multi-disciplinary creative technologist; Butch Landingin, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Orange and Bronze Software Labs and Peter Philips, freelancer.com’s Engineering Manager.

 The teams were judges based on quality of software development, user interface, user experience, innovation, ambition and quality of pitch. The teams were given 3 minutes each to present their applications. Among the 38 teams that showed up that day only 24 teams were actually able to present their applications upon the deadline period. I must say, all the applications that were demonstrated look very promising!

Three teams were able to snag the major prizes for grabs while one team was awarded the People’s Choice!

Team Audrey garnered more than 500 votes for their iTeks App and were awarded the People’s Choice.






Team TBD, Kimson Wong, Jess Chin and Carlos Gavino, with their Sagip App that’s a disaster information dissemination application took home the third place. Team TKO’s Ken-Lauren Daganio and Nino Malasan, took the second place prizes with their Fund3Lives app which is a social, crowd-sourced funding platform for ill children. Last but definitely not the least! Nikko Baustista aka Team APPNimbus was awarded the winner of this year’s WebGeek DevCup Hackathon. He created the Bukas Palad App, which is a donation and resources management system. Very timely and indeed helpful at this time and for future use as well!





When in Manila, this year’s WebGeek DevCup Hackathon definitely kept the Filipino geeks happy! But more than that, it showcased the talents and wit of the current Filipino programmers and developers.

Remember: Keep calm and hack!!


WebGeek DevApp App Gallery

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