We Might See Vanessa Hudgens In The New HSM TV Show

Word was out last week that a television show based on the hit Disney Channel movie series High School Musical is coming to life, which sent HSM fans and Disney babies in a frenzy! Yet although the news was met with mixed reception, with some of them feeling that a new cast couldn’t live up to the original, it seems that we just might see one of the OG High School Musical characters after all.

According to Cosmo, Vanessa Hudgens, aka “freaky math girl” turned musical ingenue Gabriella Montez, is open to returning to the world of East High!

V was asked about her thoughts on the new HSM TV show and whether she’d like to return as a guest star. According to Vanessa:

“I dunno!I mean, we’ll see. If they ask, who knows.”

Okay, so she didn’t completely answer the question, but at least she didn’t shut it down. And hey, at least she showed up for the reunion, unlike a certain Wildcat.

Thoughts on this? Would you love to see the original cast appear on the show?


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