We Experienced Five Different Countries in One Overnight Staycation! Even “Great Gatsby” America!

Photos by Danielle Capuyon

Ever traveled the world in just two days and one night? We think that we rival even those guys on Around the World in 80 Days. In just a span of two, it was like we went backpacking all around the globe with just one overnight stay. Herald Suites let us experience a world of wonder for the weekend, something you can, too.

Starting off in Herald Suites Chino Roces, we were treated to the delightful architecture of home elevated and all curated in warm colors that made us feel at home. Machuca tiles colored the floors and brightened rooms, their yellows and blues a great way to enliven varnished wood and sculpted halls. Carabao-bone accented wooden furniture and all the touches of woodwork felt very refined and Filipino.

DSC 9941

DSC 9905

The tiles! So pretty!

The attention to detail was impeccable. While the trend nowadays with hotels is sleek and modern, we felt right at home and comforted by the cozy warmth, lighting, and interiors of Herald Suites. The 20-year-old hotel stood tall and proud, an old soul along Chino Roces that also held even more surprises for us.

On the second floor, we were treated to a complete change of scenery–the tranquil sliding doors of Japan coupled with bamboo flourishes. This was their in-hotel restaurant Hatsu Hana-Tei, a completely transformed area of the hotel with some great craft beer and separate rooms with tatami mats.

DSC 9975

DSC 9965

DSC 9959

Hatsu Hana-Tei was serene and truly fit the oriental vibe. The cuts of sushi and sashimi glistened under the lights, fresh and delicious. It’s no wonder that it attracts so many Japanese businessmen at night–that’s when the restaurant is most alive.

We also got to experience the Spanish/European-inspired Meridian Lounge with their curated portraits of Spanish ships and their detailed arches and pillars that took us to Europe in just one room. Loved for their drinks, it’s a bar that anyone can visit, even if they aren’t checked into the hotel.

DSC 9924

DSC 9922

In just the first hotel that we got to lounge about in, we experienced the beauty of home, the Philippines; the serenity of Japan; and the elegance of Europe. Much more waited for us in Herald Suites Polaris, located in the heart of a bustling Poblacion. Nightlife in Poblacion is definitely busy and this hotel sat in the center of it all, sophisticated and straight out of a Gatsby movie for those Poblacion crawlers looking for some 20s Long Island vibes in their lives.    DSC 0016

DSC 0003

This was our favorite of the three with all the varnished wood looking glossy under warm light. The Great Gatsby was well and alive in this hotel, all its geometric shapes and patterns launching us right into Fitzgerald’s famous novel like Jay and Daisy themselves roamed these halls.

DSC 0054

DSC 0025

We felt like we were living in the movie screen/within the pages of the book. West and East Egg have nothing on this hotel. The hustle and bustle and thriving city life of Makati come to life here and this hotel is the perfect home base. After a night out, it’s the perfect quirky hotel to come back to, one that will match the energy of the night you just had.

This hotel is the newest of the 3, conveniently-located where foot traffic in Makati is at an all-time high. Smart and sophisticated, it’s a rustic blend of beautiful Filipino architecture seamlessly with the spirit of 20s swing and sequin. All this while remaining to be one of the coziest, homiest hotels we’ve ever stayed in.

DSC 9987

With beds as soft as marshmallows and as beautiful as they are comfortable, we fell fast asleep, recharging for the exciting next day in Herald Suites Solana. Like the Chino Roces one, you can reach any of the three hotels via their own shuttle service. If you wanted to swim in Solana for the day, all you had to do was call a few hours in advance to make it happen. If you were staying in Solana and wanted to drop by the famous Hatsu Hana-Tei, same thing.

DSC 0059

DSC 0070

DSC 0069

Solana’s architecture was slightly different in comparison to the other two but it still had that cozy, feel-at-home vibe. With its golden laurel decor, arches, and warm colors, we thought of Greece and all the Greco-Roman inspired color palettes. The rust with the gold and bronze all popped in the Manila sunlight, a reminder of the two cultures becoming one under one roof.

There were also hints of Venetian inlays and wooden architecture that we saw consistently among the three hotels. They really know how to transport you from one place to another!

But the highlight of Solana was its pool. Located on the rooftop, we enjoyed a relaxing swim in crystal clear water, overlooking the Makati skyline. We imagine that this would look beautiful at night, the Makati lights twinkling like stars from this roofdeck.

DSC 0062

DSC 0060

Our stay in Herald Suites can be summed up in one word: Adventure. It felt like we were backpacking across the globe but we stayed in just one city the entire time. There was no better feeling than waking up refreshed during a staycation and looking forward to the next country we’d experience all in the comfort of Makati.

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