We Compared the Burger King Whopper and the Plant-Based Whopper, Here’s What We Found

Burger King Plant Based Whopper Article

When 2021 rolled in, we all decided what our New Year’s resolutions would be. We all had our individual goals but what we had in common was to be healthier this year. While it’s easy to say we want to live healthy, it’s hard to give up our favorite snacks like burgers, cakes, and takeout. So when we heard about Burger King’s Plant-Based Whopper®, we saw it as our chance to indulge in our favorites while still looking out for our health. Imagine: the taste and juiciness of a burger with the health benefits of plants? Sign us up!

When we first heard about Burger King’s Plant-Based Whopper®, the first question that popped into our minds was: does it really taste like the classic Whopper®? We weren’t sure about the claims, especially when we found out that the plant-based version of the Whopper® has 0% beef. There was only one way to find out. We had to try it for ourselves.

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For the Plant-Based Whopper®, Burger King partnered with V2Foods to create a patty made from soy proteins built from legumes, bamboo, plant oils, coconut fats, and beetroot juice. Sounds like it’s going to taste like a salad. Let’s give it a try.

Burger King Whopper®

Burger King Plant Based Whopper

We all know how the iconic Burger King Whopper® tastes like. It’s 100% flame-grilled beef, layered with tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, ketchup, pickles, and onions, served between a sesame seed bun. The patty has a smoky flavor that easily differentiates it from other burgers of its kind. It’s complemented by the rest of the ingredients, with the creaminess of the ketchup and mayo, the zest of the tomatoes, and the crunch of the pickles and onions. It’s an upgraded version of your standard fast-casual burger and we treat ourselves to it every now and then.

Burger King Plant-Based Whopper®

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Burger King says that the Plant-Based Whopper® is an alternative to their classic burger without sacrificing the flame-grilled flavor it has become known for. So we were surprised that it did not taste like plants at all. The plant-based patty captures the original Whopper®’s flame-grilled smokiness. It tastes like the real thing.

You can tell that you’re eating something different because the texture is a bit smoother than beef patties, but the important thing is that it mimics the flavor of the original Whopper®. It’s also just as filling as the classic version and we were full after eating half. Yum!

Our verdict? We don’t taste the difference!


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We’re not the only ones who thought the Plant-Based Whopper® tastes exactly the same as the original Whopper®. Slater Young, Sam YG, Camille Co, Tony Labrusca, and Khalil Ramos have said that they don’t taste the difference as well. According to Sam YG, “the lasa is the same. Healthier pa ‘to. I love this.” Meanwhile, Labrusca said, “this is really good. I’ve never really ever considered being a vegetarian, [but] this tastes like a burger to me.”

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The Burger King Plant-Based Whopper®  is a great option for those looking to be healthier by having less meat intake. With it made from plant-based ingredients and with no meat, we feel less guilty eating it.

The best part? It’s just as tasty and it’s surprisingly affordable especially with their ongoing promo until January 31, 2021 where you can get 1 Plant-Based Whopper® Jr. and 1 Whopper®  Jr. for just ₱150!

Take on the Plant-Based Whopper® Challenge and #dontTasteTheDifference!  You can order it on any Burger King branch or via delivery through Grab Food, foodpanda, and Lalafood.

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