WATCH: Why It’s So Easy to Fall in Love with Sundowners Vacation Villas

We have raved about Sundowners Vacation Villas before, so when Kyrke Jaleco shared his travel video with us on how he celebrated the end of summer with his dance family there, we couldn’t help but share his video here with you. According to Kyrke, they couldn’t have chosen a better place to go to than Sundowners Vacation Villas in Bolinao.

Kyrke’s crew arrived at Sundowners a little before check-in time and while they couldn’t settle ourselves in yet, he shared that there wasn’t any problem because they got to go around the property and take in its view – which, as you should know by now, is incredibly amazing with a beautiful view of the ocean and the surrounding area.

Apparently, the weather wasn’t favorable during their first day there, either, but that didn’t post a problem for them, either, as every corner of the villa they stayed in was Instagrammable and still gorgeous rain or shine.

Aside from that, Kyrke shares that they loved that the villa’s kitchen came complete with necessities, which made their stay even more hassle-free. “One of the highlights of our trip was being able to lounge around and play in (and shoot in) our private pool,” he adds. “It had a kiddie pool, which was great for our group’s babies, a deeper area that we could jump into from the second floor of the villa, and and a jacuzzi that we could just relax in.” Check out their video here:

A word of advice from Kyrke: “Be sure to book in advance as the place is usually fully booked, especially during peak season. We were lucky enough that a date opened up that fit right into all of our schedules.” He adds, “You really can’t go wrong with Sundowners – a beautiful place with a breathtaking view complete with the amenities of home and then some.”

Time to book a barkada outing, methinks!