WATCH: Travel Video Shows Stunning Beauty of Kalanggaman Island

Kalanggaman Island in Leyte had a big past year. It suddenly rose to fame, and is currently seeing a surge of tourism. And how can it not become suddenly so popular? The island’s clear, blue waters, the fine white sand, and the gorgeous sand bar that stretches at one end of it certainly look so inviting in pictures.

Certainly, the internet and the ease of sharing through social media played a huge role in Kalanggaman Island’s rise to fame, and so through the internet let us pique your curiosity about this pristine island in Visayas once more. Take a look at this amazing travel video of Kalanggaman by filmmaker Nelo Rebojo of Stills & Motion:

Nelo Rebojo on Vimeo

Stunning! With the uncomfortable heat we’re experiencing in the country now, we’re daydreaming of just waking up at a beach as beautiful as this. Kalanggaman, we’re thinking of you. Until then, we have this video. :p


Have you been to Kalanggaman Island? Tell us about the experience!