WATCH: This Video Shows Us a Hidden Gem in Bataan—Five Fingers, Mariveles!

Bataan is often overlooked when the topic of road trip comes upit’s almost always Zambales, Pangasinan, La Union, or Baler that wins the million dollar “where should we go this weekend?” question. But why is it so? Bataan has great gems of its own, too. From the beautiful Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, to peaceful beaches and resorts that line its coast. It just hasn’t been getting the recognition it deserves. At least not yet.

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Travel blogger Eka Gomez recently went on an adventure to Mariveles, Bataan, and shared with us a video of her splendid weekend. Have you heard of Five Fingers in Bataan already? Well, if not yet, you’re about to discover it here now. Watch Eka’s video below:

Eka shares a bit about her Bataan adventure:

Even with little to no sleep, I had a great time embracing the ocean. It was a day full of cliffdives, seascape, and island hopping. Even the rock formations looked rad! ✨

This gem in Mariveles was named “Five Fingers” as the series of coves looked like five fingers spread out. We hopped from one cove to another, jumping at every cliff. They have 10ft, 15ft, and 40ft high cliffdive spots!

You may want to bring your personal snorkeling gear and booties to protect your feet. You’ll come across rocks with sharp edges while trekking (tell the wounds on my feet about it ☠️) and sea urchins here and there.

To read more about Mariveles, Bataan and some affordable tour packages you can avail, check out Eka’s full post here.

Have you been to Mariveles and Five Fingers too? Share some recommendations in the comments!

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