Watch this Valentine’s Day Surprise Fail

 Valentine's Day Surprise Fails in This Video


Valentine’s Day is the chance for men to do their Grand Gesture, whether it’s to give a hundred roses, a surprise trip out of town, or a flash mob in a high-traffic place. They’re sweet, but some girls don’t like it. Some prefer quiet displays of love. This girl turned out to be the latter.

In this video, a man surprised a girl with a surprise song number in the Jollibee branch where she worked. But he ended up being the one surprised because it turned out that the girl in the video didn’t like public displays of affection (or maybe she didn’t even like him to begin with). For his Grand Gesture, he invited some of his friends to sing Parokya Ni Edgar’s “Harana,” a ballad about a man singing to his loved one.

He literally had to drag her and hold her down as she tried to escape. At one point, she tried to kick him and knee his crotch. Throughout the video, the man was pleading that it would only take a while. She was somehow successful in escaping, hiding in the kitchen as he tried to pull her back.

We’re not sure from the video if they’re a couple or if he’s just a suitor…. but either way, we think the lesson to be learned here is to maybe start small, like with a V-day card, to test the waters before going all out. 

Watch the whole cringe worthy video below: 


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