Ice-Cream Themed Bouquets Perfect for a Sweet Valentines Day (V-DAY GIVEAWAY)

Game Of Cones: Tecson Flowers announce exclusive giveaway of new ice-cream themed bouquets that have to be seen to be believed!

It’s that time of the year again, where romantic gestures and giant heartfelt expressions of love are deemed socially appropriate for twenty-four hours, and what better way to make a splash than with Tecson Flowers’ newest line of luxury floral bouquets!

Dubbed Swirlwind Romance, this exclusive line of floral delights takes a few hints from popular ice cream flavors, and sports a fun new form that takes inspiration from the classic ice cream cone.

In terms of first impressions, a Swirlwind Romance bouquet is a sight to behold, featuring a visually striking wrapper that takes the traditional ice cream cone and  injects it with pastel hues. This bold design decision, which  may not be for traditionalists, successfully draws the eye while still providing a visually striking canvas for the flowers to truly shine.
While looks may well be the most vital part of any floral package, a Swirlwind Romance bouquet wrapper even feels unique to touch, featuring a tactile texture reminiscent of a waffle cone, Tecson Flowers have gone to great lengths to replicate the memories of visiting your first ice cream parlor.
Swirlwind Romance is currently available in eleven unique “flavors”, with each being named after a popular ice cream. Take “Orange Sherbert” for example, a beautiful arrangement of orange ecuadorian roses, contrasted against a bubble gum blue ribbon and waffle textured wrapper.


For those looking for something more sultry and delectable, they need look no further than the “Hot Fudge Sundae” that features twelve traditional red ecuadorian roses balanced against a waffle and milk chocolate colored wrapper. For the playful at heart “Lemon Custard” is worth a taste, featuring a duet of Canary Yellow Lilliums and Pink Ecuadorian Roses, perfectly matched against a pastel pink wrapper.
GIVEAWAY: Surprise That Special Someone with a Swirlwind Romance Bouquet!
For a second year in a row Tecson Flowers and When In Manila have teamed up to spread the LOVE by giving away one Hot Fudge Sundae bouquet from the Swirlwind Romance collection!
The winner will be able to send the arrangement to their loved one in time for Valentines Day.

All you need to do is follow share this article on Facebook and/or Twitter and/or Instagram and tag at least 2 people whom you feel should get this for their significant others. Comment below on why we should send this bouquet to your special someone along with the link to your share. We’ll pick a winner by Feb 12! 

You may join multiple times as long as you have different entries. 
HAPPY V-DAY and good luck! 
Announcement of Winners for Tecson Flowers Valentines Day Giveaway!

Earlier this week, Tecson Flowers and When In Manila teamed up to give away a luxurious bouquet from the brand new Swirlwind Romance line of floral arrangements.

Congratulations to Katie for winning! Thanks for joining and we will contact you soon on how to claim your prize. 

Make sure to share your photos on their Instagram (@tecsonflowers) and Facebook (

For those who did not win, don’t forget that there is still time to order your bouquet from Tecson Flowers, with Swirlwind Romance arrangements priced between 2500 php – 6500 php.