WATCH: This Swing Rope on Sohoton River in CamSur is Only for the Adventurous!

Out looking for a great, big adventure?

Some travelers rave about cliff diving such as the one on Salagdoong Beach in Siquijor.

However, if you’re looking for something different and nearer, there is something adventurous you can try in Bicol.

You may want to try this swing rope in Sohoton River in Camarines Sur.

Dra. Baylon shared with a video of them trying out this swing rope and then falling on the river.

She said:

Walking through a vast land of rice field to reach the other end where Umang cave, an underground home for the bats, can be found. Then going deep under the earth to spelunk and going back up the ground to reach the cliff at the other end.

And this…is where we had a DIY swing rope.

Love can definitely be found in CamSur. Every second is worth it!

Watch a footage of their adventure below:

Have you tried this swing rope on Sohoton River in CamSur? How was the experience?

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