WATCH: This Man Stopped A Possible Pack Attack By Saying Two Words

Here’s a question.

What do you think will happen when a random dog showed aggression to a pack of dogs?

A “dog fight” instantly comes to mind, right? Well, watch this.

The video shows Jerry Lakandula of The Pack Leader walking casually with his pack of dogs, until a random dog appeared and initiated aggression. Normally, the scenario would have caused a pack attack. However, Jerry, being known for his impeccable ability to train and discipline all his 18 dogs, managed to calm his pack despite the situation. He even stopped the misbehaving dog by simply saying, “Hey, go!”.

Jerry shared that the secret behind this is to assert your dogs that you are the pack leader, and not any of them. He added that being dominant yet calm is important in order to do this.

“That’s how I made them listen to me, by constantly keeping my state of being balanced every time I’m with them. Then, I got used on that state being and applied it, with or without my pack.”, Jerry added.

For more questions on how to discipline your dogs, you may reach Jerry through his Facebook page, The Pack Leader.

How do you discipline your pets? Tell us in the comments.


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