WATCH: This is the Woman Who Does the Voice of Pikachu

This is the Woman Who Does the Voice of Pikachu

If you’re a ’90s kid, Pokemon loomed like a large figure over your childhood. You grew up watching the Japanese TV show and playing all the versions of the Gameboy games (from Blue to Red, Yellow, and Gold). Indeed, we all had fantasies about becoming the next Pokemon master. Yes, the author is one such fan.

For those who watched the show, did you ever wonder who voiced the world’s most-famous Pokemon? It’s easy to forget about it because after all, Pikachu is an electric rat. No person does that voice. It turns out, there is and her name is Ikue Otani.

Otani is a known voice actress who also did work on One Piece, ToHeart, Shenmue II, Mega-Man Legends and many more.

Watch as Otani does the legendary voice of Pikachu (warning: cuteness overload):

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