WATCH: This girl describes her emotions through song and all we can say is “same”

It seems that every time someone asks us “how are you?” we often fight the urge to say “tired.” We just can’t seem to let that out. This Twitter user, however, has done it for us–in song.

She’s hilariously captured the emotional state of what seems to be at least 4000 people–at least, according to the number of likes her tweet’s gotten! Many a netizen has retweeted it saying “same” or some permutation of relating to her masterpiece of a song.

While simple, I think it’s also very genuine and it definitely deserves some kind of award. The scream at the end is an inspired touch. Hi, Hollywood! We’ve got the next Mozart here!

Watch the video below:

Is “same” your reaction to this? Let us know! 

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