WATCH: These 4 Heartfelt Local Short Films Show Why It’s Important to Invest in Yourself

How do you invest in yourself? It’s the era of self-care, and we love seeing the many ways people—especially Gen Z and millennials—take active steps in looking after their own well-being. Investing in yourself is so important!

But aside from your usual self-care routines, we hope you’re not forgetting to also invest in yourself financially. Because, yes, setting yourself up for financial security in the future is also a form of self-care—and it’s an important one at that!

This is exactly the advocacy of Sun Life Philippines—to educate Filipinos and help them achieve financial security. As the first and longest-standing life insurance company in the country, Sun Life has made it its mission to be the Filipinos’ Partner for Life, guiding them to financial freedom so they can live healthier lives. After all, being financially secure provides a sense of freedom and fulfillment we all want and need.

4 heartfelt short films to watch

Sun Life Philippines Partner for Life | WATCH: These 4 Heartfelt Local Short Films Show Why It's Important to Invest in Yourself

Photo: Sun Life Philippines

How does one achieve financial independence? These four local short films produced by Sun Life and created by fresh, young talents, show us why it’s so important to start investing in yourself for the future, no matter how young or old you are.

These films are funny, relatable, and so full of heart. Watch them here:


Story by Mei Solis

Sinag is a story about a mother and her daughter in a long-distance relationship. The mother, like many Filipinos, is an OFW in Dubai. Aya is an avid video gamer and is also queer, but has yet come out to her mother.

Sinag is about family transcending distance—physically and the one within their relationship.


Story by Casey Borja

Kulay tells the story of Lucky, a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and his dad who owns a coffee shop. Having a child with ASD and a struggling business are not easy, but with the help of their Partner for Life, Lucky and his dad were able to turn the business around and take a step closer to a brighter future.

Ngayon at Bukas

Story by JC Manzano

For many hardworking parents, the purpose is simple: to be able to look after their children even after they’re gone. This is the story of surgical doctor Eric and his hardworking father in Ngayon at Bukas. A financial-savvy barbershop owner, Eric’s dad knew the importance of saving for now and investing for the future—a value he passed on to his son, and something that helped secure his son’s future when the time came.

Para Sa Akin

Story by Bea Aguilera

Mal has had a slew of bad dates and relationships that somehow always leaves her brokenhearted. But as a “marupok,” as Mal admittedly calls herself, she isn’t done trying. But when does one say enough is enough? Para Sa Akin is a funny, relatable story of a single woman in a tiring search for The One, only to find out that The One has always been right in front of her.

These four films were created by young Gen Z members of the Sun Life Creative Team, in line with Sun Life’s purpose of helping Filipinos achieve financial security and live healthier lives.

For Sun Life, financial independence starts with a choice. Which is why they want to help educate Filipinos on financial literacy through creative projects such as these short films, so Pinoys can make smart choices when it comes to investing in their future.

Sun Life Philippines Partner for Life | WATCH: These 4 Heartfelt Local Short Films Show Why It's Important to Invest in Yourself

Just like the main characters in these short films, Sun Life believes that Filipinos are capable of taking control of their lives and pursuing a brighter future when they have a Partner for Life they can trust and help guide them there.

Visit for more information on how Sun Life can help you achieve financial freedom, or talk to a Sun Life advisor at

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