WATCH: There is a Bad Lip Reading of The Royal Wedding and It’s Hilarious

Not even the royals are safe from Bad Lip Reading. The YouTube channel notorious for doing funny lip readings on famous shows, movies, and events are on it again, and this time it’s the Royal Wedding they’re putting under the spotlight. And guys, it’s hilarious.

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In the beginning of this video you’ll see Princes Harry and William discussing how many animals they’ve hunted as they wait for the bride, now Duchess Meghan Markle of Sussex, in the church of Windsor. “Sixteen hundred and ninety-three,” answers Prince Harry. “Giraffes.” (LOL) And find out who Prince Harry and Meghan’s favorite Harry Potter is, as asked by the priest who marries them.

Also making special appearances? David Beckham, Elton John, Duchess Catherine Middleton and, of course, The Queen. Watch the funny video here:

“If you want a hotdog, then you got to cook a hotdog! What? Put it on the stove!” Words to live by this 2018.

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